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26/05/2011 at 14:02
Hi there

you have to register the day before (this includes helmet check), or get someone to do it for you, racking is in the morning of the race. nice race, big hill at the start of the bike but plain sailing for the rest, enjoy

Tim see conversation
18/11/2009 at 16:15
I have done both Hell runner and Tough guy,

they are not comparable,

TG is an assault course first with some running thrown in, lots of water and in the case of 2009, lots of hypothermia, (wasnt so bad in 2008)

Hellrunner is a cross country run first, with some water thrown in, you dont even have to get your head wet!

recommend both of then though maybe TG is a once in a lifetime (twice for me!) experience

Tim see conversation
28/09/2009 at 14:36
Just had a text saying the results will be available today by 5 see conversation
28/09/2009 at 13:03
Lake... clean... no chance certianly not by wave 7, i ducked under before we set off and everything went black just a few inches from the surface, thats the trouble with a shallow lake and muddy bottom, still it was not as cold as i had expected, the ride was lovely, hills were a challenge, the run was very challenging due to the terrain, rolled my ankle after about 200m and kinda hobbled the rest. Probably should not have played footy on the saturday as preparation either! taper whats that!

sounds like i am complaining... that is not the case it was a very picturesque setting for a Tri, was fantastic weather, and the organisation (for a first tri) acceptable, it was nice to be able entertain the missus with a look around a historic venue (castle and Gardens), as a thank you for the support, something not really available at Dorney!

by the way if anyone else who was there found a pair of aquasphere googles on the run up into transition, i'd love to have em back, seems losing an item at every event is becoming par for the course for me! see conversation
06/08/2009 at 18:25
worth adding that swimming is normally my best discipline, i grew up swimming, and have never had an issue before, it just shows different circumstances throw up different challenges. i'll not underestimate the swim if i do another! see conversation
06/08/2009 at 18:14

Good advice from all the above, i just thought i would add that you can do it without too much structure.

I probably did up to 10hrs a week but did what i felt like on the day, cycling to work, or going for a turbo session, the odd morning swim, (OW at the weekends) the odd run, no specific training didnt think about intervals or the like. I did do some long rides, eg London to brighton and home, 110miles and a couple of others which were a means to get somewhere rather than a traning session, i did a couple of half marathons but no more. Weights and core training consisted of Yoga and climbing, (dont do gyms) but again this was when i felt like it and (in the case of climbing) when i could get someone along with me for belaying, added to the above i do play (poor) football a few times a week, but like i said at the begining of my waffle, up to 10hrs per week for a sub 13hr time.

I have no doubt if i had been more structured and dedicated i could have improved but my aim was to finish the event, the sub 13 was a bonus

Tim see conversation
06/08/2009 at 17:27
that'd be good to see, my dad missed it cause he was ill with a fever, i'll love to be able to show him the finish, surely if it was on the big screen then its been recorded?

not overly impressed with the pics, half of them attached to my bib no are of other people, and there are none from the swim, still worth a download for the finish alone! see conversation
05/08/2009 at 15:22
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30/07/2009 at 14:18
Really want it to be today, i am itching to get going, best of luck to everyone, have great races

Tim see conversation
30/07/2009 at 14:16
http://www.metcheck.com/V40/UK/FREE/day ... lton&day=3

anyone been looking at the weather for Sunday up in bolton, a week back it was not looking good, high wind lots of rain, the whole 9 yards, now check it out, and tomorrow and sat are not awful!

see some of you there, enjoy

Tim see conversation

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