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10/02/2010 at 17:47
If Batman was a triathlete.... see conversation
26/01/2010 at 14:32
It's a good mag. Much more in depth writing than the other mags with interesting articles like Triathlon Heresies and a great focus on races and people which nicely captures how the sport can influence all areas of your life. I get through 220 and the others of that type much more quickly than Triathlete Europe.

It also doesn't bother me that some of the content is obviously an Anglicised version of what was orignally intended for the American market as I quite like difference in style and philosophy, it makes interesting reading. see conversation
08/01/2010 at 17:13
It was mostly longish slow runs in Nov & Dec, interrupted by illnes and Christmas but now I'm focusing on swimming

Wed - 500mtrs
Fri - 500mtrs

Goint to try and get in another 500 tomorrow then an hour on the bike. see conversation
07/12/2009 at 19:25
First run back after doing nothing for three weeks due to a chest infection. 1hr at L2. So good to be able to train again see conversation
06/12/2009 at 21:55
Can't help on the tri bars but just want to say Nice Bike!!! see conversation
02/12/2009 at 19:15
I'm thinking the way to ease the pain will be to treat myself to some serious carbon bike porn see conversation
02/12/2009 at 19:07
My God Conehead how the hell did you eat that!!!

So following Coneheads advice I've upped my winter calorific intake today with

1 slice of chocolate cake
1 slice of lemon drizzle cake
3 chocolate biscuits
2 chocolate cornflake thingamys

Actually this thread touches on from something I've been pondering. I really think I don't eat enough but find it hard to increase the quantity as I've always eaten very lightly. I did a test and counted calories on a couple of normal days and it was struggling to top 2,000. If I up the training at all i get a feeling of fatigue after a few days. Time to sort out the diet I think. see conversation
02/12/2009 at 13:17
Thanks guys.

37!! How the hell did that happen?? I'm starting to get the heebie jeebies about 40... see conversation
01/12/2009 at 16:38
I guess there are loads of different reasons for entering and all sorts of reasons people can get in difficulty but I just don't understand how someone can enter these things without training. I mean surely you read up a bit about what you're going to do? Do they massively over-estimate their abilities or do they seriously not realise how hard it will be?

I'm starting my season next year and have been teaching myself to swim for a while, it's going slowly and I've got to put many many more hours in and in a large part this is driven by pure fear. When I think about my first OW competitive swim I'm seriously terrified.....but in a great way see conversation
01/12/2009 at 16:25
Ummmm, yesterday

A bowl of chicken soup with 4 x wholemeal bread
2 peanut butter sandwiches

Today so far

A bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes and 2 wholemeal toast

I think I a) need to increase my calorie intake b) go buy a shed load of crisps, chocolate and double whipped cream, mix it all together and feel nauseous for the rest of the day see conversation

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