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18/11/2017 at 00:01

Hi all,

Are there any dos or don'ts when it comes to hard training days, intervals and rest days? I've got into a bit of a winter routine at the moment with separate disciplined clubs and sessions so I tend to do Yoga mon, Tri club run intervals or Circuits on tues, Tri club swim session wed, cycle club hills and sprints on thurs, hard Masters swim fri, my own run sat and bike club Social ride sun. (If I'm tired or have other commitments I don't do all the sessions but on average do 6 days a week of some sorts of training). 

I'm wondering if I am clumping too many hard sessions together. I do like to have a club session to go to as they are more structured than me having to come up with a plan and then follow it, but I don't want to put lots of effort in for my performance and improvement to deteriorate or suffer. What would be the best thing to do?



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