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19/01/2019 at 19:04


i have been suffering the same issues as your pupils. I’m ok at run (completed a few marathons), ok at bike, but 25m swim had me gasping. Anxiety was definitely an issue - I loved being under water but being under with empty lungs was bad! I breathed out and sunk, then my daughter would stand on my back for a few seconds to heighten the panic sensation - this got less over a few weeks and helped.

I have very very slowly progressed to 2km without stopping. This has been a case of just doing the miles. I had some very good form coaching but even with this there was no ‘magic bullet’. Im at the point where I can almost open my mouth and enough air gets in rather than taking big gulps. I’ll be looking to speed up next (2k is taking me 56minutes!)..

itd be great to read your article Kevin.

cheers Stu

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