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08/07/2009 at 12:00
Theres a sprint Tri at the K2 leisure centre organised by the Crawley tri club on the 27-Sep-09(Sun), no idea if it will be any good but will probably entering it as the last race of the year. see conversation
07/07/2009 at 11:27
Theres been a few offers on recently in my local Tesco and Sainsbury but I am always shopping with the wife and get the stare if I put to many into the trolley . see conversation
07/07/2009 at 11:21
Must say haven't watched the TDF before, what a great event it is. Been recording the higlight show and thought would just fast forward through get the idea of the race and then fast forward to the end to watch the sprint finish but I have been glued to it. I didn't realise how tactical / team based the race is, great stuff, even got the wife watching it . see conversation
25/06/2009 at 11:25
I will be there, my first go at an OD (although the swim is only 600m) only done sprints so far. Looking forward to it and have up'ed the distance I train to get ready. see conversation
24/06/2009 at 16:45
I just recently got some pedals and shoes, I was on a bit of a budget so ended up with these:

Pedals: ... 360011753/

Shoes: ... 45134.html

Apart from a fall on my first ride , I haven't had any problems with them and did my first sprint tri in them a few weeks back. see conversation
24/06/2009 at 15:36
This evening will be 45 mins of bike / run bricks in the gym before my wife shouts at me for being a wimp in her Body Pump class . see conversation
24/06/2009 at 11:37
First go at the L2B for me as well, wasn't meant to be doing it but got talking to someone from my gym down the pub that was organising a mini bus up there he had someone drop out at the last minute so I took their spot.

Luckily had an early start got through the line around 6:20 first 10 miles or so was a bit crowded and slow up some of the hills but didn't have to get off at any stage. Once out into the Sussex contry side things got going speeding past all the MTB riders . Had a quick stop to refill my bottle at the ardingly stop, should have stopped earlier as was starting to get a bit of cramp im sure from lack of fluids.

Was trying out a couple of gels on the way, not used them before, must say worked well didn't have any stomach problems, and could really notice a nice boost in energy. Managed to time one perfectly so it kicked in as I was heading up Ditchling. Got up fine but got serious cramps in both legs on the down hill section into Brighton which spoilt the finish a bit.

Was a great experience, furthest I had ridden up till then was 32 miles so learnt a lot. Will be there next year to try and beat my time 3hours 8mins. see conversation
03/06/2009 at 06:23
If you are looking for a good all body weights work out and you are a member of a gym then try Body Pump. Lower weights but a high amount of reps means its more muscle endurance than pure strength. see conversation
01/06/2009 at 23:00
Nice one tummymustgo and tomtris, sounds like you both had a great day :).

For me this was my second Tri so sort of knew how it all worked but still the pre race nerves kicked in. Different this time as it was more "you've done this before you know how it works, you have been training dont screw it up" :).

Swim started well felt really good in the pool, put down a conservative time (8:30) based on my last effort but managed to smash that with 6:47, still not sure I did enough lengths but got the 2 length smack on the head so :).

Out the pool straight to the bike, no problems with the transition, socks on shoes on and off (still riding in my running shoes). Wife was out there waiting with a few shouts of encouragement :) and how much time I had taken so far as I dont have a watch / computer when I race (yet). A short flat section out to the HILL. Drove down it on my way to the race trying to work out the best way to tackle it, in the end just went into the low gears, stayed seated head down and just kept peddling, overtook a few people on the way up but really in the end wasn't as bad as I had feared.

Then it was downhill for a good few miles just tucked in and went for it until I ended up chasing 2 cars down the hill for one of them to brake to turn off slammed on the breaks and did a nice snaky skid (nice scuffed section on the rear wheel now). The A27 section back to Arundel was nice and fast tried to keep in the top gear all the way.

Back to the Lido managed to make a hash of getting into the car park feet wouldnt come out the toe clips as I had to stop on the road in the traffic as now there were cars and bikes everywhere. No real damage done just slowed me down a bit getting into T2.

Bike on the rack and then out for the run, of course by now there were tourists everywhere (the run route runs past the Castle entrance) but it was a nice easy run until the hill at the turn around point. That was really tough as it started shady but then out into the sunshine and things were starting to heat up by now. A quick stop at the water station at the top and back down. Thought I had done a decent enough run but looking at the time was hoping for slightly better.

Overall really chuffed with my time and position as I ended up 50th so an improvement on my 84th place in the Steyning Tri. Now its back to the training for the Mid sussex tri in a couple of weeks.

My time break down:

Total Time

Stage - Swim - Time

Stage - Transition - Time

Stage - Bike - Time

Stage - Transition - Time

Stage - Run - Time
00:26:01 see conversation
29/05/2009 at 22:13
Hi Tomtris

I am at Arundel as well this Sunday, this is my second tri. I did the sprint at Steyning at the start of the month. Must say I agree with you I started out thinking be good just to finish the race and get an idea of how it all works.

Then when I finished (1:11:47) I thought a decent time, better than I had expected but ended up 84th, which I was a bit disapointed with. I have been over the race again in my head working out where to pick up extra time and this time I am going all out as I think I still had something in the tank when I crossed the line, and as others have said whats the point of that :).

Weather is looking really good for Sunday should be good fun.

see conversation

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