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16/02/2010 at 11:37
Brand new....never used TT helmet. Bought it and just doesnt fit quite right!!!

A Bargain at £50. see conversation
15/02/2010 at 16:15
For sale a brilliant set of wheels, great condition.

46mm Deep Rim
Include a Ultegra cassette (27-12) and tyres (BONUS)

These have been used for less that a year and even then ony in good weather. Must see and will buy!

£500 for the pair! (ONO) see conversation
01/09/2008 at 04:43
Virgin Active. Nice actually. I mainly use it in the mornings before work to get in weights sessions, spinning classes, swimming. see conversation
01/09/2008 at 02:46
They have 5 at my gym........all included in membership costs!! see conversation
01/09/2008 at 01:56
Breakfast - Smoothie (Natural yogurt, skimmed milk, handful strawberries & blackcurrants)
Snack - Protein shake (post training)
Lunch - Grilled Chicken breast & 2 Sweet potatoes with sweet chilli sauce.
Dinner - Cod fillets (smoked) and prawns & sweet potato.

Drink - 2 cups Green tea, 3.5 litres water.

Training - 45 min: Spinning
5 min: Brick run
30 min: Powerplate training (whole body)

Good day. see conversation
01/09/2008 at 01:56
I always go by time and HR. The miles will increase in the same amount of time as you improve. You should aim to do most of your training in HR Zone 2/3 (fat burn) with 1/2 hard sessions a week at Zone 4/5. see conversation
01/09/2008 at 01:40
Treefrog will have one!! see conversation
01/09/2008 at 01:40
Thats what i thought until i did one, i usually do lots of CV stuff and free weights but thought i'd try. Seriously hard work. My HR went higher doing the Powerplae than during my spinning class. Wierd.

I'll prob do a couple a week to see if it improves muscle tone and strength. see conversation
01/09/2008 at 01:40
Sunday the 7th sounds great for a ride....where do you fancy meeting? I live in wimbledon, so will be cycling there through Esher probably. see conversation
31/08/2008 at 22:36
Hey everyone,

Just wondered if anybody has done powerplate training? It's the thing that vibrates and you do a variety of exercises on e.g. press-ups, tricep dips, squats etc. It makes your muscles contract at an incredibly alarming rate meaning a very hard workout. Lots of celebs swear by them Madonna aparently.

I just did a 30 minute class at my gym and it feels like i have done an intense weights and core stability session.

They cost £7000 each and looking at the research they are suburb for developing muscle tone and burning fat. Although does nothing for your CV fitness.

Any users...thoughts etc. see conversation

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