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31/10/2018 at 01:25

Birdman I feel you and son's pain, it used to happen to me regularly when I competed. It's a blight on the sport that they make the best events draft legal which really only judges who is the best of two of the disciplines instead of all three. Cycling is virtually cancelled out for draft legal. There are things you can do within the rules like getting ahead out corners, etc but a couple of runners working together on the bike will easily pull that back in short time and will be back on your son's wheel. 
You probably will have guessed that the responses you've had so far have all been from runners .
You're on the right track by the way and it's not necessary to have to brake very hard to cause a bit of trouble behind you. One of my finest memories is looking back after powering out of a 180 degree turning point in a wet race and seeing the three that had been circling through and taking turns in my draft were crashed out after sliding across the road on their asses because I made them make a "mistake" with some well timed touching of the brakes on the approach to the corner.
Always remember the cycle course is always very big and that they can't perch an official every step along it. Just the same as the swim, what an official doesn't see or hear didn't happen.

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