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14/09/2017 at 08:52


to improve in a disipline you will need three sessions in each per week. assuming you are not super fit (no offence) i would suggest:

- One easy (run 30-45min, 60-90min bike, 45min swim) finnish off with 15 min core and legg stability for injury prevention.

- one long: (60min+run, 120min+bike, 60min swim)

- one high intensity (4*4min run, 5*5min bike, 10*100m swim,  + 20min WU and CD)

stay away from threshold intervalls. This will not benefit you before you are training 18h+ per week. stick to high intensity. 

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14/09/2017 at 08:44

I am planning my 2018 season training and would like some feedback. My goal is to qualify for Kona. I work a full time desk job (no kids) so i want to get the most out of my training. When i designed this plan my thoughts were: 

1) This is a bulid fase program (from october - april) aiming for an IM in mid july. 

2) Use polarized training (Holfelder B et al. Polarized training: eine systematische Übersichtsarbeit. Swiss Sports & Exercise Medicine, 2016;64(2):44-50) 

3) have an 80/20 easy/intensity distribution in the training over all. (When including Strength training i almost hit this mark, 74/26). 

4) To improve in a disciplin I figurer i would need at least three sessions per disiplin. One long and steady, one "normal" easy, one high intensity.

5) In a build fase i have included two sessions of strength training were focus will be core stability, leg strenth (squats, calf lift, lunges, explosivenes (jumping). When the season is closer i will continue with one strength session 

My restrictions are 
a) i can only get in 1h training in the morning on week days due to my job 
b) i dont think my body can handle more than 17-18h of training. 
c) i assume i will not be able to complete all the sessions in the program every week. When i miss a session it will give me some extra recovery time. (what i like to call "sosial periodization")
d) i live in Norway so all cycling will be done on a turbo (therefore no 6h long weekend rides) 

Any feedback is welcome! Feel free to copy me traing plan for personal use =) 

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