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26/09/2008 at 21:06
Hi, I struggled for a long time with saddle comfort during my training for Ironman UK. On a recommendation I invested in a pair of Assos F1 Mille bib shorts, cost a fortune (£126!) but I can tell you that they are simply wonderful.

In training up to and during the event I never even felt my bum.....if you know what I mean....! ...and you can't put a price on that!

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15/09/2008 at 22:36
I've just returned to work from holidays where I completed the UK Ironman!

I just had to post a note to say what a fantastic event this was and to pass on my sincerest thanks to the event organisers, all those who came out to support and to the residents of Sherborne - you were simply amazing and made my first Ironman a simply unforgetable experience for all the right reasons.

I absolutely loved every minute of the whole experience - and to those of you dithering as to whether to take the plunge and go long or not - just do it! Coming down the finish straight and crossing that line is the most amazing feeling!!!

I felt comfortable throughout the race and crossed in the finish in 12.34 - apart from winning the the thing, I can't see how the experience could have been any better - even the weather held off!

So .... where's the best place to get a tattoo!!?



P.S. Anyone else suffer dodgy guts during the post race week? I reckon I drank to much lake!!

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08/08/2008 at 17:56
85 mile cycle immediately followed by 1hr 30 run! Ah the life (wot life!) of a budding Ironman...

That was yesterday afternoon, feel bloody great this morning!! see conversation
29/07/2008 at 00:43
Hi, if you're doing IMUK then Gatorade is the stuff they'll be serving at the feed stations - I've been training with it recently as part of my prep and it seems to work ok!


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25/07/2008 at 18:06
Guys, thanks for the replies, glad to hear I'm not alone (I kind of thought there must be at least 1500 other nutters out there!).

Glad it's not just me who's struggling to fit everything in as well - how the hell does anybody do this kind of thing with a family in tow!? Hats off to them!

I'll post up any useful info from the orientation weekend for us 1st timers.

I agree completely with the just 'enjoy it' ethos - especially the 'fully catered training day' concept!

My target is to finish! but I'm harboring ambitions for a time starting with a 12..... enough said......right now my bike has broken another set post clamp in only 100 miles since the last one went... so anything could happen! be honest I'm regretting buying the Felt, the support from the distributors thus far regarding parts has been worse than crap.

Hey ho just one more of the challenges in the Ironman journey.

Have a good weekend guys - I guess we're all on long sessions this Saturday & Sunday - Keep in touch as the day looms larger!!



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25/07/2008 at 01:43
Hello fellow competitors! For all of you taking part in September I just thought I'd drop a quick note to say I hope your training is going well!!

I have to admit I'm sh*tting myself - I managed to sprain my ankle (bad one - ligament anchor point ripped out of Tib! Ouch!) in the South Cerney classic 4 weeks ago and have only just returned back to full training - the demons have definiately descended - but it seems to be holding out ok. So apart from missing 3 weeks training, work constantly hampering training, the UK roads gradually destroying my beautiful Felt DA and only 5-6 weeks to go, my preparations couldn't be better!!!

I took a trip to Sherbourne recently to bike the course - drove it first (it's bloody hilly!) and then half way round a torrential downpour erupted turning most of the course into a lake - you'd have turned your nose up even if you'd been armed with a mountain bike, especially the single track loop near the end of the circuit! More perfect preparation!

But anyway, despite all of that I still can't wait for the 7th Sept. if for no other reason than I get my life back on the 8th!!!

Hope you're all having a more relaxed run up to the race than I am! I'm hoping the August orientation weekend will alleviate the nerves!



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08/05/2008 at 02:20
Hey Guys, thanks for responding, appreciate the input!

I saw the course changes, looks good and in fact given that I only live 60 odd miles away I took a trip out to Sherbourne Castle on Monday.

I have to say if you've never been there (which I hadn't) it really is a fantastic setting - great scenery and It looks just perfect for the event. Drove the A352 to Dorchester which looks like it will be a fun section!

So, the butterflies have definitely set in now but I'm looking forward to it - sh*t I need to do some training!!

For those who are competing let me know how your training goes.......I for one need to do more!!!!!

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02/05/2008 at 18:50
Hi Treefrog, the Vittoria tubs are really really fine and lightweight so by definition I guess they are more fragile than the clinchers! I've heard others comment on that particular model and got a knowing nod when buying some more heavy duty Continentals - I'll soon see how they hold up! Hope it wasn't just bad luck for the sake of my wallet!

As for the disc vs the 1080, I really can't comment as I've not ridden either - I know that the 808's are a little bit gust prone but I don't really find that to be a problem - they more than make up for any downside just in terms of weight and outright speed. I guess the 1080 will be even better but I doubt I'm a good enough rider to tell the difference.

I steered away from buying a disc right now just in terms of cost i.e. I'd have the disc only if I had an 808 as well - I wouldn't fancy riding a disc in gusty conditions over a long distance.

Ah, good old triathlon.....1001 ways to spend your lolly!!!

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02/05/2008 at 00:46
Ok so this year is IM year for me, so after nearly 10 years on my trusty Principia TSL I decided to invest in some serious machinery - I took delivery of my 2008 Felt DA in January.

First of all, the rear disc is an option, Zipp 808's are standard, tubs or clinchers at your own discretion - I went for non disc tubs. Price was sub 4k owning to a very friendly local bike shop who was as keen as I was to get his hands on one - albeit in his case for only 24hrs to build the thing!

So what can I say - factually, straight out of the box I average 4mph faster over 80miles on the Felt, and I've only ridden it 5 times - the TSL is my main training bike and it's not a slow bike.

The frame rides beautifully, very smooth and compliant on all but the worst surfaces and rock solid through the drive train and a very planted front end. The range of adjustment in both the saddle stem and handlebar stem (supplied with 3 different stem lengths which pivot for vertical adjustment) mean that you can get a perfect fit - for both longer distances and eyeballs out TT. I had the bike properly fitted and set up for long distance TT.

I find the bike very comfortable in terms of fit and 80 mile plus riding.

It climbs amazingly well and it gives you great confidence as you know that when you get to the top the thing just starts to roll with amazing ease - it holds it's speed very well once you have it spooled up.

Build quality in my book could be better - it's not rough, far from it, but the Cervello's are beautifully finished - the Felt is raw carbon (matt finish) so you can see the care that has been taken in laying it up, but the carbon dropouts front and rear and the carbon rear mech hangar are a worry!

I forgot to mention.....when you pick this thing up it literally makes you laugh out loud, sub 17lbs!!!! and obviously the ridgidity and weight help it climb so well.

So yes, I'm a very lucky chap and yes it's one hell of a ride! Would I recommend others to buy one..... well yes if you want to pay that kind of money! I looked at it as a once in a lifetime investment (that's what I told the missus anyway!) and part of my Ironman ambitions - I'm sure when I've successfully finished my first IM the DA will be the bargain of the century!!!!

Final point... 5 rides and 3 punctures! the stock Vittoria Triathlon EVOs are pants IMHO especially at £45 at time - I don't care how light and quick they are. Chopped them in for some Continentals.

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02/05/2008 at 00:13
Hi Grant, great news!

I reckon I'll target the 10th May, hopefully catch you there.

I'll chuck the bike in the car as well and see where I get to.


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