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19/03/2009 at 02:03
Hi all, I am planning to do the NFMD on sept 20th.
I had booked a couple of nights tented accomodation at Sandy Balls, but now realised that to be able to drop my tent AFTER the race, I have to pay for accommodation on the Sunday night too.
That combined with the gravel pitch, and the fact they are not flexible on departure time, considering the extra bookings they are getting, makes me think I might go elsewhere.
Anyone else doing this race and camping nearby, or done the race previously and can offer advice?

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06/10/2008 at 22:46
Would like to know if I have the wrong trainers!
I have done the wet foot test and had a pair of Asics 2120 and now 2130 in last few years, which seem to be right for my foot type
Overall very comfy, but when I have done a couple of Half Marathons over the last couple of years (including a VERY wet London HM this weekend) I end up with humungous blisters on the inside of my foot arch. The one on my left foot is egg shaped and about as big as 2 ten pence coins.

This weekend was worse due to getting wet feet, but wondered if there is anything I can wear (like a rubber sock or something) that will stop it. I am already wearing 1000 mile original running socks! :( see conversation
06/10/2008 at 22:30
This happened to someone I know recently. They werent in a race, just riding home from work and a car turned right straight in front of him!
Stratford/Warwick probably the scariest I have done for road issues, especially if you are going later in the morning when the Stratford sunday morning tourist traffic starts to arrive in the town :( see conversation
21/09/2008 at 00:16
Hey, Dorney is actually 5.1k, hence 20.4 and 40.8 for the sprint and full.
London was actually only just 38k see conversation
16/09/2008 at 01:06
hurrah! Always looking on Wiggle for something I might not have realised I desperately need!!!

The order is in, especially as I did Bristol Half yesterday and am struggling to walk!!!
Do they do one for your hips!!! :))

Cheers see conversation
10/09/2008 at 22:20
Do you know when they close for the winter. I have switched to doing a couple of half marathons now, so havent been down for a few weeks.
Might get one last one in before XTT on the 27th

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10/09/2008 at 22:03
Couldnt agree more with all of the above
I was supposed to be doing Rough Track as I like a bit of MTBing, but on a whim last week decided to go watch this instead. Convinced a mate to come with me who knew nothing about Tris and can barely swim 100m without drowning (although he does a mean 90min Half Marathon)

We camped on Saturday night, putting tent up in the afternooon in downpour (my first time camping in YEARS!!) and got up at 5 to go see the swim. Great to watch a mass start like that.

Then we hung around for the first 20 out the water and then went back to boggy campsite to half pack up (put car on the hill near the cattle grid for those who were running!) In hindsight we should have stayed at the swim exit another hour to see the masses come out, as we came back from campsite right in the lull of everyone out on bikes.

Saw Bayliss, Cartmell, Comerford etc start the run, then had lunch. Watched the winners cross the line, the last 20mins of the bike (very nervous friends waiting for ppl nearby), then had to head home. Would have loved to have been there at 10.30 onwards

Feel sorry for the only 70-74 male though (2 entered, one turned up), he did the swim in 2h 36mins, and was removed from race due to 2.30 cut-off!
He could have been going to Kona!!

Plan to do New Forest Middle Distance next year, after that we will see!!!! see conversation
10/09/2008 at 21:30
I am firmly in the time/hr camp.
Its all about endurance, then speed endurance, then speed

The lower zone stuff for 90mins - 2hrs (for Oly distance) at a time it what will give u core endurance through the winter, and then you bring in pace and interval sets later on.

gunforhire, it may be that you just need to examine your zones, if you can do 8km at 13.5k+ then what can you do at race pace, which should be a mid/high Zone 4. Zone 5 is sprinting basically, and Zone 5b (according to Joe Friel) is........well I am not sure, as I have never been there lol

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10/09/2008 at 21:30
Thought I would bring a different view point to this. I am a swimmer of 20+ years and made national age group standard at 16, but at breaststroke.
Even though I think my freestyle tecnique is poor, as I couldnt make a County final on it, I could always do 25m in 16 strokes and normally out of the water in top 5 - 10% on the swim leg (12th in 35-39 men at London)

But........I decided I needed to re-look at my swimming and through TI have got it down to 12 - 13 strokes for 25m, but I find it absolutely knackering, compared to how I am used to. Havent swum any real distance in anger yet using TI, but not convinced I will not be able to hold the technique for 800, never mind 1500, having swum so long with the same style.

How TI breaks it down is fascinatiing and this video really shows it off well, but I wonder if its just too late for me!! see conversation
28/08/2008 at 19:36
I remember reading somewhere that if you have slick thin racing tyres on your bike. The surface area touching the tarmac is so small, that buying some with something resembling a tread is pointless. It makes little or no difference to the ability to stay upright on wet roads, due to the contact patch size
Not sure I would want to risk trying it, and obviously the wider the tyre, the more the tread becomes effective. But then again, doesnt that just slow you down too much due to friction? [8|] see conversation

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