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08/02/2016 at 09:46

What events are you doing? the bigger events will sometimes not allow anything around the bike. You will end up with transition bags which you collect after the swim and bike. So you may want to check this before planning anything as it might all be a waste if you are chucking it all in a bag.

Personally I find that the best thing to do is try things out. Do some smaller events and try out what works for you as everyone is different. Or go along to a triathlon near and look at what everyone else is doing, you will see that everyone does things differently.

But for another opinion I do the following:


Race number on race belt under wetsuit - one less thing to do.

For shorter events I will have gels in the tri-suit for the run


Helmet on TT bars, with glasses and gloves inside.

Towel to dry feet.

socks on shoes - put them on and then fold back so that when you get to transition they are quick to put on. Lot's of people don't bother with socks, but I prefer wearing them. you can also put your shoes ready on the bike, but again personally I don't like doing that.

Nutrition will either be taped to the bike, in a food bag or for longer events I will change and put on a Jersey with all of the nutrition in the jersey.

Tools etc will be in a bottle behind the saddle.


Dump everything and put trainers on

for longer events I would have a couple of gels to put into my tri-suit but I will put them in as im running.


It is also good to have a couple of gels around so that if you want one in transition you can get it down you while you are there. I have also had a bottle of water for after sea swims as I find my mouth always feels horrible.

Good luck with your events

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08/02/2016 at 09:36

I stupidly did the Outlaw and Ironman wales in 2015. So two full distance events in 8 weeks.

I really regret it, while I did a decent time in the outlaw, Wales was pointless.

I wasn't able to get back into training for a few weeks and then when it came to training I just wasn't able to get back to the same intensity as before the Outlaw.

Wales ended up being pointless, granted it's a hard course but I just didn't have the energy.

Basically it was too much for me an I regret trying to do both in such a short time.

Personally I would suggest that you focus on the race that is most important to you, which is probably the 70.3.

If you do the Ironman before then you will probably end up regretting it.

Good luck though at the Worlds, you must be pretty decent

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08/02/2016 at 09:31

I wouldn't bother with a mini pump. I would use C02, once you have tried it you will never go back.

With a pump, even a decent one you will never get it up to the same pressure as you will the gas. you can also get ones that will attach to the frame or they are so small that they will easily pop into your saddle bag on in your pocket.

Just make sure you have tried it out before taking it in a race

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08/02/2016 at 09:27

the sandbanks were a shock when I did it, if you are doing the race go and take a look before hand so that you know what to expect. I got there and stopped for a second thinking "do we really go up there?"

When I did it the "water feature" had a "whimp out" sign allowing you to go round, but it's pointless as the route is wet anyway so you are just delaying the inevitable 

Great event though, but its very tough

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08/02/2016 at 09:22

I would second the Lemon and water every morning. I don't have the ginger I might try that, but the lemon is really refreshing. It will give you a good boost of vitamin c every day.

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