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23/09/2017 at 20:38

Interesting reading, Im not a great runner, but whilst trying to improve, Ive found a definite improvment on my hill running, when shortening stride but upping the cadence as in the article posted by Mathew  , I dont tire or get out of breath as much, I then revert to my natural stride on the flat. When Im fitter I shall do a back to back on the same run on a hill with shorter stride and natural stride to see if the positive difference is still there, or wether it was a running fitness issue.


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22/09/2017 at 16:36

Im in the same boat Ryan, but not with a bet just decided to do an Ironman after being inspired in May watching it in Lanzarotte.


Its a minefield to be fair, your swim time sounds good already, same as me, Ive always been a swimmer, leisure mountainbiker but havnt run since school, Im 52 now doh! .

My plan is to work hardest on my weakest discipline, I started swimming once or twice a week, one distance session 2k min and one where I do speed work, shorter distance with brief breaks, I used a few training programmes I found on the net.

I try and cycle twice as well, a short hard pre brekfast workout of around 18 miles and around the hour mark and a distance builder, but with plenty of hills, as Im assuming youll have a lot of climbing in Wales, the same as in Lanzarotte. look on the Ironman website and you should find the course, go and practice on it when your up to speed on your road bike.

As running is my weakest discipline, I try to run 3 times a week, Park Runs are good for starting if your also not a runner like me, Im up to 10k now, but nwant to be at half marathon in 2 hrs speed by Christmas.

Ive set myself certain goals as well with a plan to work towards Ironman firtness, my plan included things like swim 3K in an hour in the pool, do a Sportive on the bike, starting at 62 miles, then another at 100 miles, then I rode the Ironman route in Lanzarotte, I had a target time of 8hrs, it took 7 hrs 58 mins lol, but I know its achievable now before im at ful fitness next May. plans also include sprint triathlon, Olympic distance Triathlon and a 70.3 possibly before the big one, running 5K was a milestone, then 10K another, now Im looking to run those faster to obtain next goal of half marathon in 2 hrs. Dont make big steps, just little ones week in week out, I find it helps my confidence and enthusiasm as you get closer youll feel more like training hard as your goal will be in sight.

I had no nutrition, so looked up stuff on the internet and bought a few books on nutritional meals snacks drinks for athletes, theres some very tasty recipes out there, Ive shed weight and continue to gain strengh speed and stamina.

One thing I will say is, in no way under estimate the task you have taken on, your life will become training and aiming at that one goal, dont skimp on kit either, read reviews on stuff and search the internet for the best price, it will cost a fortune, but better you buy once and buy right and not buy the cheapest to find its not made for long distance or is uncomfortable.

Another tip Ive picked up is try and train a few times in the conditions you will experiance in the race, my recent trip to ride in Lanzarotte I discovered for instance that my socks are to warm and half way through the ride my feet felt like they were on fire, no good if your half way through the actual event, same with my wetsuit when I get one, Ill do open water swim practice and sea swimming and try to do a distance swim, as I know neck chaffing can be an issue from the wetsuit. it gives you time to iron out potential problems, its gonna be hard enough without equipment issues.

Good luck with your venture Ryan and finaly 220 magazine has been an excelent source of information for me  

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22/09/2017 at 16:05

Im also a complete newbie to Triathlon and also fancy an Ironman next year in Lanzarotte, I came from a modest mountainbike background and after a few test rides and speaking to various dealers opted for the Giant Advance Propel 0. I love it and on the few sportives ive done so far its a popular choice, I was worried about comfort, but besides neck ache (lesser as the miles build) its great. I bought it late July and have covered over 500 miles so far with a 62 and a100 mile sportive and the Lanzarotte Iron man route, its a very popular bike, many happy owners and very glad I plumped for it, my local Giant shop is great with advice and set up, I cant recomend them enough, only problem is I dont think they do them in a ladies, they have an equivilant I believe in the LIV range and there a bit over your budget, but I felt buy once and buy a bike that can do everything I need . Good Luck with your first Ironman Emma

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