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02/09/2009 at 09:27
Did the evening series last year, one race (out of four) had timing chips and they started to run two waves.

This year the cost put me off and also the fact that in three of the previous races "timing" consisted of me shouting my number at the random person with a clipboard. Triathlon is a great sport, but the costs of racing seem to be getting more and more without any thing back from the event organiser, I'll gladly swap a t-shirt that won't last the season for good organisation and accurate timing. (although of course t-shirt as well as good organisation and accurate timing would be better) see conversation
15/08/2009 at 23:26
Great race, anyone know what happened to Gomez apart from falling off ? see conversation
27/07/2009 at 13:38
Just get out there and run, best run I ever had was an 8 miler and at the furthest point from home I was caught in a summer storm, still puts a smile on my face thinking about it 10+ years later ;-) see conversation
27/07/2009 at 13:36
I love that the chap was wearing the T-Shirt to look cool.

I got chatting the other week with a swimmer as he had his race number still inked on his hand and had been racing at Dorney the previous evening.... bloody good swimmer too, luckily for me I was with my daughter (3) and so was playing in the pool rather than "training"

Nice to have a quick chat with a fellow Tri-athlete though. see conversation
18/03/2009 at 19:56
treefrog wrote:
I have not touched a drop despite it being St Patrick's day and despite attending a gala dinner where there was a free bar!
How do I do it?

More importantly "Why" ;-) see conversation
18/03/2009 at 01:03
2 Pints of the black stuff for St Guinness day


Gym session tomorrow to try and guilt some of it off though... mmmm booze. see conversation
07/01/2009 at 05:13
Got one, it's great, works like it says it will.... see conversation
07/01/2009 at 05:13
I use the spreadsheet from

Does the job. see conversation
01/01/2009 at 07:16
Happy New Year All, short bike tomorrow, but (too much) drink tonight....

Hope 2009 is a fantastic year for you all. see conversation
23/12/2008 at 18:50
Got a ballot place after the required number of years applying, I've only got a few races planned for next year so it should slot in ok, really need to get on with the training though ;-) see conversation

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