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21/08/2012 at 21:43
I've decided that the swimming cosume with short legs will do just fine and even if i never do another aquathlon i can wear it swimming so won't be a waste of money.

Have you practised swimming wearing your bra in the pool?

Also, do you have to pin a number on the tshirt? My husband has a tri belt that he puts on but I will most definitely be putting a top on.

Are you going to be wearing socks?

Sorry- so many questions! see conversation
20/08/2012 at 13:35
After reading my husbands Tri magazine for the last 18 months I have just entered an Aquathlon! This is scary in itself but now need to think about what I am going to wear.
I looked at tri suits and they all have the padded bottoms for cycling, but I'm not going to be cycling so was wondering if i should get one of those swimming costumes with built in legs - looks a bit like a tri suit in terms of leg length.
The other thing is that I have large breasts. I keep them under control when I am running by wearing a shock absorber sports bra. Do other women wear sports bra's in the pool? Just wished the transistion area had a changing cubicle! lol.
Unfortunately I haven't been to watch any aquathlons, i've watched my hubby do some tri's but I didn't see any women taking part that needed a bra.
Any help/advice would be much appreciated.
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