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30/12/2014 at 07:15
20% difference between actual and estimated, and in a LD race 20% is a very long time, I would have been happy with a 5% variation but 20% is too much. see conversation
25/08/2014 at 14:55

If you know you drift off, then compensate, sight more often, follow someone else, providing they swim in a straight line.

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25/08/2014 at 14:53

just use a Tesco 'Bag for Life', or a waterproof, sealable canoe/boat bag for your wetsuit. Doesn't have to be a bag designed specifically for triathlon.

the TriTalk thread is amusing and tritalk is getting more like Slowtwitch everyday, not really a thread about bags v boxes, but more of one about space being taken up in transition.

holding my hand up.I admit that for OW triathlons I use a box, I don't lay out a towel the size of a small country (one of my pet hates ), and the box is kept under the bike so it doesn't take up any extra room at the racking.

the waterproof wetsuit/boat,canoeing bag usually has a parachute buckle so you can clip it on the racking( subject to the ref not saying no ) which again doesn't clutter up the floor. 

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11/06/2014 at 13:24

Tough break, but it don't beat yourself up about it, you have a good base of training, if you can get to the start line, be sure you are fit to finish, rather than fit to start.

Un recovered Glandular Fever, can bring on a Post Viral Infection, and with a depressed immune system, think a very long recovery period. Any exercise, do at a low intensity, so as not to stress the body, you will feel weak, the joints may ache, a simple blood test will show if it is Glandular fever as it should pick up the Ebstein Barr virus, no cure, just rest.

whilst resting, don't worry, but use the time wisely, look at the race, study the course, mentally prepare, if not physically.

best of luck.

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11/06/2014 at 13:16

How did you decide on the HR ranges, did you use the magic 220 minus you age, and then percentage it, ? a ramp test?, a Conconi test? or a sports Lab test, each one would provide different results.

Heart rate drift is natural, head off at 7 min miles at 145 BPM, and by the end you are doing 9 min miles at 145 BPM, no big issue, the more efficient you get the longer you stay in the zone at a faster pace.

The problem with these ready made plans is that they are generic, you need to look and use them, but tailor them to your own unique physiology.

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02/05/2014 at 11:37

Last year there were a large number, compared to the year before, but, the start of the season last year saw a number of swims cancelled due to the slow water temperature. 

You can' t put a number on it, as often the wetsuit yes/no is decided a couple of hours before the race.

to put it in context, last year I did two non wetsuit swims, they were the only non wetsuit swims I have done in over twenty years, there have been occasions of wetsuit optional but always chose the wetsuit option.

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20/03/2014 at 10:50
I look like an elephant, my memory is similar, there was also a triathlete that had the nickname ' Sticks', due to them carrying the aforesaid pieces of wood. They found that when the raced, despite having to carry the sticks, they produced faster run times.

I can never remember the important things in life though, Ris !!! see conversation
19/03/2014 at 18:14

As Ris has said, some races will not allow boxes into transition, or if they are, they are put over to one side. Being hypercritical,and instead of just stating problems, I will try and give solutions,as triathletes we carry a pile of kit around and the size of the box reflects that. It may be too big for some cars, particularly if they have the bike, family etc in the car as well, it is too big to stick in Transition next to the bike, IMHO.


but, if it was a soft sided bag, similar to panniers, which could be lined with hard plastic to provide stiffness, that would provide a collapsible bag, and the same carrying method, if the inside of the pannier which goes over the frame has a soft material, that will prevent the frame from getting damaged. 

If boxes are not allowed in transition, I use a waterproof canoe bag which has a clip lock, just clip it over the bike rack and stick the wetsuit in it during T1, use a clip lock on the pannier, and thesame  can be done.

hope that has helped, not hindered.

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19/03/2014 at 17:59

Personally, this is blown out of proportion, based on an article, where the results correct rammed together, and if you classify that you took a cold cure, which contained a banned substance, just so you could continue training, or make the start line, then it is quantified as doping, rather than taking an over the counter medicine.

if you we're to go to the local playing fields and test the under thirteens football team, then you may find that they had been taking a cold cure etc, illegal, yes without a Doctors note, then we have legalised doping, get a prescription note for illness etc and it comes under the same category, inhalers being one target area.


PEDs, require you to train hard to gain benefit from them, they are not magic bullets, that suddenly provide invincibility.

yes doping goes on, be it illegal, or immoral, if I race, I race clean, I ain't going to bother the podiums, or take away someone else's victory, I race for myself.

if you get caught, then take the consequences. For those interested in how easy air is to get the garbage to stick in your system, follow the link, it is basically a how to dope instruction list, at the bottom it also has the link to other substances, sickeningly easy isn't it


this was found with a simple search, before someone shouts foul, and spam.

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18/03/2014 at 18:23

Emma Snowshill, carried small sticks to prevent arm cross over.

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