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02/10/2017 at 11:32
I also have this problem which bizarrely tends to crop up after training sessions regardless of the intensity but less so after races?!
The stretches described (very clearly, thank you) by Harry D sound very useful. I'm doing the heel drops from a step already but with out any knee bend, so I'll give this a try.

Something I have found really helps, and more importantly, allows quicker recovery so I can train again or recover properly from training in the lead up to races, is strapping ice packs (the blue rectangular ones for cool boxes) to my calves for 10-20mins as soon after a session as possible. I occasionally repeat this after massage/rolling if calves are still tight and knotty. I'm sure it helps. Perhaps because it increases the blood flow and helps reduce inflammation. I've been told that often the problem is hypertrophy of the muscle fibres (natural response to training) but it leads to a sort of compartment syndrome where there isn't space for the enlarged fibres, which in turn leads to reduced blood flow, which in turn leads to slower recovery! By reducing inflammation and increasing blood flow, this deals with the problem and aids recovery!
Hope this helps someone! see conversation

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