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30/08/2006 at 19:13
Hi Guys

I did a tri specific training camp last year and it was great preparation for my first triathlon the London Tri.

would be interested in cycling specific training holidays - are there any good ones that you know of?

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08/08/2006 at 00:00
Hi Guys
Well I did it!
Had a great weekend. My overall time was slighly disappointing - 3 hours 53 mins but not beating myself up over it. It was my first ever triathlon and it was the olympic distance. My swim was 33.53 mins but my bike was rubbish 2 hours 17 and the run in 53 mins. Pleased with the swim and run but really need to do some more long cycles.

However, really really pleased I did it and today I feel fine - a bit stiff but good. Contemplating doing it again next year.

Overall it was good - really chuffed.

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04/08/2006 at 16:50
Hi Guys

Can't believe it's finally here. Anyway feel nervous and excited and will hopefully have some good news to post here Sunday night/Monday. Good luck to everyone.

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19/07/2006 at 01:56
hi Guys
Just out of interest - when should I start tapering for London. Have spent the last month training a lot - 5 days a week but have to admit did a good session Sunday - run10k and weights but yesterday could only manage a row of 2350m and stepper for 15 mins and today cycled from Mill Hill to Letchmore Heath and back and just come back from a swim - was going to do 80 lengths rest then again (20m) pool but it was full of so ended up only doing about 75 then came home and feeling a bit dejected.

Finding it hard to train in this heat. Any advice?

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15/07/2006 at 06:16
Hi Sarah

I too have pondered over this problem. Like Pat I decided to wear my sports bra under my wet suit (no way could I run comfortably without one). Mine's also a two piece.

Hope this helps - I suspect the most important thing is to wear what you are used to and comfortable with.

I too am doing my first tri - London Olympic 30-34 on Sunday.

Am a bit nervous.

See you there
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13/07/2006 at 03:26
Hi Guys

Today went to Hampstead Lido for swim (without wetsuit) which is hopefully coming tomorrow. Pretty pleased I didn't have it actually as it was full of kids and I would have looked pretty stupid.

Had to swim width ways as they roped off the end for the kids so did 61 x 27.5m then rest then another 70 lengths. Got into my stroke well.

So PC (I can't remember which thread I spoke to you on). Anyone know about Hampstead Ponds? Gonna try those next week (with wetsuit).

Will def keep a look out re London Tri Meet up - as hopefully I will be finished by then (I go off at 8.30) but my party will hopefully include at 3 month old and two 3 year olds which might make it difficult.

Am staying beforehand so will definitely take up the advice of going in for practice on the Saturday if we're allowed.

Hope you're ok Pacrfish.

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08/07/2006 at 05:56
hi guys

scary - I got my race number etc etc

Did a 45 min run today - about 8 k - which considering I'm still recovering from my shin splints is quite good. Was also meant to go to my Tri club but when I got to the leisure centre there was a huge queue outside full of small kids. They only went and closed the pool for a swimming gala or something which was quite annoying.

Apart from that not much else to report - still training hard - 2 rides, 2 swims (about 2800m) and one run and mini brick session as well as weights and rowing this week but I know I'm not going to be a front runner - but like you loon - hoping to be able to watch the elites and meeting the family for lunch so hope I'll be finished by then!

I go off at 8 or 8.30 am

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05/07/2006 at 04:03

Just read your message - re Hampstead Ponds - do you know if we're able to use them for open water swims with wet suits etc etc.

I'm also North London and its hard to find any decent places to practice open water swimming - but your suggestion re hampstead made me think. Is it a big lake - I can't picture it even though I know the area well.

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29/06/2006 at 19:43
hi guys

Have been reading all the posts with interest! My preparation for the London Tri (Olympic distance) has been coming on well.

My shin splints have gone - triple hooray - but I would say I'm still not quite back to running the same as was say 3 months ago but I reckon I'll be fine - am running up to about 8k at the moment in nearly 40 mins but it seems to take my legs slightly longer to recover (is this normal).

Have also been doing some brick sessions - cycling say 20 k then 5 k run and also doing say 50 mins on the stepper then running 5 k plus lots of rowing to begin with. Haven't been doing huge amounts of cycling but using the bike whenever I can and been doing the distance at the gym and have done a 50k ride a few weeks ago so I know I can do it.

Swimming - regularly doing about 2400 per session - can do 1500m with a rest then 1500m in the pool but going to hopefully do another open water swim as its a whole different story then.

So all in all am hoping I'll be ok and this will be the whole start of my triathlon addiction. Training at least 4 times a week sometimes more just still mega paranoid about hurting my leg again.

Looking forward to seeing you all there
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24/06/2006 at 16:40
NW London - Mill Hill see conversation

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