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13/02/2018 at 18:46

I did 3, 70.3s last year. I'm planning 4 this year - the closest two being 4 weeks apart.  

I would suspect that with your background (the strength and conditioning from the Muay Thai & KickBoxing), assuming that you train appropriately and regularly, that you would have no problem doing two 70.3s, 6 weeks apart. 



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21/03/2017 at 03:46
I'm no expert, but I'm focusing on the 70.3 distance, i did 2 races last year, i plan to do 3 this year. I have to do a significant amount of my cycle training on turbo/wattbike/exercise bike - due you work arrangements (I work away from home)

The sessions you have outlined are the typical ones I do as well.
1) 2 x 20mins at 90% FTP. 10min RI.
2) 4 x 5 mins at 120% FTP. 5min RI.
3) 3 x 10mins at 50-70rpm. 5min RI.

I use Sufferfest videos to supplement. Rubber Glove for determining FTP. Revolver, Long Scream, Hell Hath No Fury, Dark Places and Elements of Style are favourites.

I also use British Cycling's sessions occasionally. The Over/Under session in particular.

I use virtual power on my turbo. I use power on the wattbike. I use feel/heartrate response when on the exercise bike. I find having the target number helps to keep's probably an engineer thing.

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24/11/2014 at 16:56

Triradar has some free training plans on it. These are generally 12 week plans.

Before that, just some general fitness training, getting swim lessons (if required), making sure your bike is mechanically "up to the job". Work out how you can fit the training into your life.

Gradually increase the amount of exercise (quantity and/or intensity) you do - you don't wanted to burn out or injure yourself.

Hope this helps.

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24/11/2014 at 16:47

The question was what a good time should be for a "newbie" to triathlons. The times that they have given was for top elites and a solid age grouper.

The times stated above are for finishing high up the field (Top 10)......... would that represent a "good" result for a me that is more "excellent" or "bloody marvellous". 

To those who posted above, what were your first triathlon finishing times (and distance) and how did you feel about the result? I think that would give a more realistic expectation of a "good" time for a newbie.

My first was 2:40 for an Olympic distance, I finished just in the top half of the field. I thought it was a satisfactory result. Originally I'd set a target time of 3's funny how the training raises expectations.


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21/11/2014 at 18:44

I think it is fair to say that the longer the distance of the triathlon, the lower the pace of each section of the triathlon - for the same athlete. I suppose to confirm this you could look up Javier Gomez's race times this year, as we know he races everything from supersprint to middle distance events, and his "fitness" won't change much during the season. 

If you're asking how your sprint distance times translates to a longer race times in consequent years, then this is impossible to answer as it depends upon many factors including your training before your sprints compared to your training before your longer races. 

One thing is for sure, during the longer events, the philosophy is to compete at a lower heart rate, so that fat burning is your main energy source, rather than at shorter events, where the heartrate is higher, and therefore carbohydrate burning is the main energy source. For example, this year I did olympic distance events, my heartrate was in the order or 150-160 bpm. Next year I am doing a long distance event, for the bike stage my heart rate will be 135-140 bpm.......the speed at this heartrate will be dependent upon the efficacy of my training. 

Hope this helps.





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11/11/2014 at 21:53

Plan for next year is The Outlaw. my weekly reminder tells me it is 36 weeks until the event - which seems awfully close - considering that I work a six week shift pattern, so it is only six full cycles away ( and they seem to come around exceptionally quickly).

as with this years A race, I am thrashing around a suitable goal time. I cannot get my head around accepting a goal of 'completing'. I like to set Gold, Silver and Bronze medal time targets. I'm fancying sub12 hours as the gold medal performance.........hey, it has to be a challenge!

What do you have planned for next year? Any marathons in far away exotic places?

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11/08/2014 at 23:26

Just to bring some closure to the threat, I did my first "Standard" (the run was about 8.5k rather than 10k) in 2:36 by first proper "Standard" triathlon I did in 02:40.

initially I was aiming for 3 hours or less, so I achieved this. However, I was a little disappointed in the 5min/km run pace, and the 30 km/hr bike speed. But at least its a target for next year!

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16/04/2014 at 17:49

Well, I'm back from offshore for a couple of weeks. Whilst offshore, I was getting up at 0430 to get to the gym......before the days got complicated. Luckily my roommate was very understanding......and I'd like to think I was quiet and considerate.

Now that I'm back on-shore for 'recuperation' - I've been doing the longer sessions that I couldn't do whilst offshore. It's not ideal. The general advice I read is to get into a routine.....however, with my work rota, this is just not possible - so predominantly short, intense sessions offshore and longer, less intense session onshore.

I've signed up for the standard, (10k, 40k, 5k) at Stockton - since it should give me a good idea of how the Olympic Distance Triathlons will feel.  The Olympic Tris I reckon will take me about 20mins longer to complete.

The cramps started to set on (ie I could feel that cramp wasn't too far away) from about 75% through the bike course, and lasted until about 50% through the second run. Certainly the second transition and the first 1-2km of the second run was the most intensive cramp - I felt like the Tinman from the Wizard of Oz! I thought I'd done alright with the hydration, as I had an electrolyte drink in the morning with my porridge. I did only have one 750 ml bottle on the bike - maybe I should carry (and consume) a second?

I'm looking forward to the Stockton.....though is it fair to say that the bike course is more twisty and turny than a normal tri course? I looked at the routes for the Wetherby and Ripon Tris, and the Stokesley course seems to be more in keeping with them? I only ask, because I've been given the green light to purchase a new steed - and was wondering between the relative merits of a Sportive type road bike (less good at twisty and turny bits - but more comfortable, and therefore, in my eyes, potentially better for the run afterwards) or a race type bike (better at twisty, turny, potentially better aero position, but probably a harsher ride - with effects upon the subsequent run). Any thoughts? I'm not in the market for a TT bike - its too specialised.

At the Stokesley, I ran into a guy I used to work with. In the same age group, his aggregate run time was 2 mins quicker than mine. His bike split was 9.5mins quicker - but I did puncture. I reckon with a bike of similar standard to his (ie not a 20 year old steel steed) - I think it'll be pretty close.  

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01/04/2014 at 20:18


Good to meet you. Even though the introduction was a little bizarre..........are you Macleod007.....? Are you JWP1969?? Very Secret Service.

Thanks for the previous advice. It was a great day at Stokesley. I'm already booked up for Stockton Duathlon. Just need to ensure I don't get a puncture this time, and need to sort out the leg cramps.

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29/12/2013 at 22:12

Merry Xmas one and all. Thanks for the comments and advice on the events. I think I am in for the Ripon Triathlon now, as the wife has "committed" me to the event at every Xmas party we have been to. This is probably the nudge that I need to get it sorted. I must admit, I do dream of that pint of Black Sheep at the finish line!

I think the Wensleydale, and various other tougher triathlons will have to wait for another year. I think this year will be 'easier' triathlons - to see if I'm in for the  long haul. I must admit, I'm enjoying the variety provided by training for the three events.

My swimming is still fairly rubbish. New Year's resolution is to join a tri club and get some swimming lessons. The running is going pain from the Achilles - consistently doing 13km runs without any real difficulty. Last time out I was do intermittent 'fast' and 'slow' (probably actually slow and slower would be better terminology) km intervals. It makes it a little more interesting. The cycling is going okay. I did a steady endurance ride of 80 km today - it felt easy enough (flattering route - dead flat - and very little wind) - however, I do notice that the sessions on the turbo trainer are having an effect, as I'm pushing a bigger gear (whilst still doing a reasonably high cadence).

I watched a video on the Celtman that's a target for a few years time. I've always wanted to do the Torridon Munroes.....sounds like a good way of doing one of them!



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