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29/12/2012 at 00:52
I was stuck between those two as well.... In the end I didn't bother with either and bought the B-kool sport connect from wiggle instead. Well worth the difference and absolutely love it. Save your money and buy one ofthese!! I got nearly £100 off the price on wiggle, I'm a platinum customer so get the 12% discount plus I stuck in a promotional code for 10% off so got 22% off!!!! Whoop whoop see conversation
28/12/2012 at 21:30
I did IM UK in 2010 as my first IM on the TT, it's perfectly ok for a TT. Also point to note was that i rode the whole course with a snapped steerer that was only held on by the large spacer and how tight the stem was! I didn't realise it had snapped until I stripped it down after the race, clean crack right around the steerer apart from about 10mm..... Thought the steering was a little vague during the race!

And to go sub 11 at your first IM, at UK too...... Unless your fast you should maybe have a rethink of that goal. Not saying its impossible.... I'm doing it again next year and hope to go sub 10:30, but that marathon bites you in the ar*e if your pacing isn't anything but spot on during the swim and bike.

Sheep house lane is the main climb and its not that bad but come the third time up it, especially if you've been pushing hard the other two laps, it almost feels like you climbing Everest on a bike..... If you can get over to ride the course. see conversation
28/09/2012 at 21:01
I have a full shimano 105 compact groupset for sale..... only used for 100miles, had it on my new bike I bought (Cannondale Super Six) I wanted the bike and they only sell it with a compact. I have since put my Sram Red groupset on it. might as well say its brand new. see conversation
05/07/2012 at 21:31
Dont you mean a 54cm?

I dont know anyone who could ride a 54 inch frame! No wonder you need a smaller one!
see conversation
17/05/2012 at 01:05
I agree!!!

I use fast forward wheels(sponsored) I have the F9R tubular wheel set, F4R clincher wheel set, an F5R front all for this season and in the past had a full F5R wheel set, disc and F6R front. All mega awesome wheels.

Before I got the sponsorship I has PX 101 and 50 wheelset, they flexed like they made of rubber not carbon fibre! Regular rubbing on the stays and actually moving my brake blocks when under stress.

Waste of money buying these cheap wheels. They are cheap for a reason.

Iv been to the Frwd factory in zwolle in holland and they showed my the process of how they build their wheels from scratch all the way through to being bagged and boxed up to be sent out! I even had a set made for me whilst I was there!

Save your money buy a brand who have the money to spend on development and research not a company who just find the cheapest carbon fibre wholesaler in Taiwan or where ever. see conversation
17/05/2012 at 00:53
Hey everyone

I can get hold of brand new Garmin 910XT both with and without HRMs.

Prices are: £270 with HR. £250 without HR.

Depending on where I post them too I may be able to include free P&P

Email me at if you want to order one.

I don't come on here too often nowadays as i keep forgetting! so please email me as I'll be able to respond almost immediately.


Jase see conversation
11/05/2012 at 10:27
Just drink water with an electrolyte tab in, (high 5 zero for example) and have whatever gels you want to use on the bike in a bento box or jersey pocket etc. Job done.

Keep it simple. see conversation
22/03/2012 at 10:58
HIre car all the way as taxis tend to be a pain when you have a bike, either they dont entertain the idea or youll pay for it!

T1 is about 15 miles away from would only need a hire car for racking the bike/bags... if your staying near the reebok then taxi would be cheaper to get to the race briefing etc.

I would personally go for the hire car for the whole weekend as then your not reliant on public transport etc and you are free to do what you like.... (within reason and nothing illegal )

hope this helps see conversation
20/03/2012 at 23:22
Its all pretty well organised mate, I did it in 2010.

You just have to have recce'd both Registration and T2 location prior to handing in your bags. Not sure on public transport but easy peasy to drive around, I would suggest dropping your swim-2-bike bag off first, then drive to Rivington and hand in your Bike-2-run bag, then literally 5 mins down the road is the Reebok Stadium where the pasta party and race brief is normally held, you could even walk there from T2.

All bags once you have used them get collected up and taken to the town hall in Bolton, when you finish you are filtered into the town hall to collect bags/stuff your face/receive medical/massage etc so dont worry about your bags. see conversation
20/03/2012 at 13:30
Speedo Tri Elite Wetsuit Size small

Only worn twice, never raced in it, too small for me and cant be bothered to sort out a return with chain reaction where I bought it 2 months ago.

Check out the spec here. This is Speedo's top of the line suit for 2011. ... elID=60031

Like new looking for £150 see conversation

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