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13/10/2017 at 17:29
Consider one of the stubby aero helmets such as Giro Aerohead or Air Attack

As to wheels have a look at the Kronostock deep section carbon clinchers. Got some this summer and they seem to do the job see conversation
12/10/2017 at 11:33
Stephen, whats wrong with your old bike? Age is irrelevant as long as its looked after and to a large extent so is weight.

I'd strongly suggest upgrading the wheels on your existing bike to something like Shamals or Ksyriums. These will make a big difference. Really. Make sure the wheel can take the cassette from your existing bike as well as a 10 and 11 speed one to future proof them. Spend you ??1500 to ??2000 on a new bike and you'll most likely need to upgrade the wheels get get a step up in performance anyway

This will leave over a grand left to buy something like a Boardman Team TT. And of course you can use above road race wheels on it. The difference between a ??1k and a ??3k bike is generally negligible. see conversation
05/10/2017 at 10:45
David, sadly yes. NP takes the average power then adjusts it for the peaks and troughs of say, going up or down hill. But it does this taking into account the physiological cost to your body.
So if you average 150W for the ride, but go uphill at 200W there is a physiological cost, if you were to go up at 250W the increase in cost is greater than twice the increase to 200W. Increasing power has a disproportionate physiological cost. NP takes this into account. As you go downhill and the power drops below average the physiological cost reduction isn't as great as the same increase by going above average. NP also takes this into account. By its nature physiological cost is more of an estimate than a precise calculation.
Thats my understanding anyway. see conversation
17/09/2017 at 18:05
Toby, know what you are going through.

I found that even extreme rolling (wooden rolling pin, cricket ball and knobbly tube) don't always get deep enough. If you can't get regular and aggressive sports massages try the following. works for me. Massage your calves with the blunt end of a BIC Biro, a little oil seems reduce skin bruising. Really dig in to find those sore spots and work them hard and regularly. See how it goes.

Exercises. Stretches and strengthening have their place and i suggest you continue. However, they don't work the gastroc/Achilles/soleus complex the way you do when running. So try this. Stand on step with weight through one foot dropping the heel and bend the knee to get a soleus stretch. Now using leg muscles alone move your knee back to straighten your leg with minimal lifting of the body. Return to the bent knee and repeat. See how it feels. Try sets of 8 to 15 per leg. The more explosive the closer it mimics running.

The above have worked for me so may be worth a try see conversation
06/09/2017 at 08:29
Weighing in at 1.5kg and costing ??18 each may be best left at home with the caviar see conversation
06/09/2017 at 08:22
Looks like some excess packaging going on there see conversation
05/09/2017 at 09:31

Nothing to worry about. Your max HR for running will be 8-10bpm higher than for cycling in any case. Your HR, as you say, is uniquely yours but the differences between cycling and running taking into account your training history are as would be expected

If you've just started running you will be very inefficient at first as your body learns how to use its muscles to develop more efficient running movement patterns. Over the next few weeks expect to see either a lower HR for the same run pace or to run faster for the same HR. You probably went through the same when you started cycling. Me, I'd go for the faster pace unless it causes discomfort.

Inefficient movement patterns require harder muscle work for a given run speed. This work demands more oxygen from the blood and gives back more CO2 in exchange. This lowers the pH of the blood which then triggers a higher HR and deeper breathing see conversation
28/08/2017 at 11:02

I'm not bothered about collecting trinkets because I know what I've done and those who matter to me do also. For me racing is about how I perform and how I feel afterwards. Race position is not too important and neither is having some totem of bragfulness. Race medals and t-shirts put up prices for the events that I enter whereas with Ironman they may help dint their profits.

My suggestion would be to work out how many calories you have burned in training for the race and during it. Translate that figure to kg of lard and if possible assemble such an amount, photograph it then frame the photo. see conversation
23/08/2017 at 10:03
OK, its pretty hard to damage your IT Band. Being as it is simply a ligament joining the illiac crest (bony ridge at upper side of hip) to the outer side of your tibia just below the knee.
However, muscles acting on the band can cause soreness, namely tensor fascia latae and the gluteus maximus. Stretch these and any soreness should ease (have a look of U Tube). Stretching your quads and hamstrings may also help. A good sports massage usually works better than stretching. Rest rarely gets ride of the cause see conversation
27/07/2017 at 14:02
Music banned so that you can hear instructions from marshals, hear other other competitors give warnings and and hear other traffic. If its not there you can't play with it which is a distraction and can cause unpredictable movements.

As for videoing. Focus on the event. You're not Steven Spielberg. If its not there you can't fiddle with it. Focus for safety's sake. There is enough poor behaviour on the cycle leg to start with without encouraging more. see conversation

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