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14/03/2018 at 12:11
WTF is a 1/8 triathlon or even a 1/4? see conversation
08/03/2018 at 10:09
Nick, welcome back. Here are my thoughts

Firstly, has what caused the injury been identified and eliminated so that it doesn't come back?

Secondly, don't rush you return. Recovery times given by orthopods can easily be optimistic by a factor of 2 or more. Be very cautious. There is no rush, there will be races from now until forever. There are an increasing number of swim/bike races to keep you competitive.

Thirdly, don't know about you but my 10km pace is not that much slower than my 5km pace and I give them both full gas. So apart from increasing distance how consider would your pace and hence impacts vary for each type.

Finally. Keep recovering and keep reviewing. When you can try some Park Runs as a check to see how your ankle reacts to running. As they are free and every week you could start at the back taking it easy and as you improve gradually move up a gear. When going well they could be your tempo runs.

Hope this helps see conversation
22/02/2018 at 16:11
Joe, in terms of aero upgrades there are three to consider and all will give similar speed gains:
1: Clip on aero bars: Keep you narrow and low. May need to do some stretching to get into the new position and you may need to remove some headset spacers to get low. Cost typically ??150 to ??200. Bontranger Race X, Vision Trimax and Profile Design T5 have all been reviewed positively on this website.
2: Aero helmet. If you are good at holding the aero position and your head steady then get one with a pointy tail. If you move your head a lot or do hillier more technical courses then think about a stubbier or more rounded one. Again reviews on this site. Costs typically ??120 upwards.
3: Wheels are the most expensive cost/improvement upgrade. The Zipps should be a great improvement on the Ovals. However, deeper aero wheels usually give greater aero benefits. A good balance seems to be 60mm on the front and 80/90mm on the rear but you would need to consider controlling them in cross winds. The April 220 (issue 349) magazine reviews 10 sets with the likely candidates starting at ??1200 a pair.
Hope this helps see conversation
20/02/2018 at 09:12
Or perhaps do 2 or 3 bricks in the same time. Gets you used to the change from bike to run see conversation
03/02/2018 at 09:28
Leave your tri-gear at home and enjoy your holiday see conversation
30/01/2018 at 09:07
Also have a look at Bolle safety glasses. Both clear and tinted. As good and often better than 'reviewed' models but costing a small fraction of the price. I've found them comfortable, ideal when cycling (the 'I forgot I had them on feeling') and know that they are tough enough to withstand pretty serious impacts. Read the reviews on Amazon as many are from cyclists. see conversation
08/01/2018 at 17:10
Go & see a physio. The knee is too complex to chance on even the most learned forum. Ask around at your local tri or run club for recommendations see conversation
21/12/2017 at 14:42
I like no. 11. However, hope its OK cleaning my teeth more than twice a week but don't expect to take 15min each time.

Me thinks the article is a bit of a 'cut and shunt' job. Not ideal for a car repair either see conversation
21/12/2017 at 10:25
Could try the club run Cleveland Steelman at a reasonable ??50 see conversation
22/11/2017 at 13:31
Just to clarify. If you build a buffer into your race day pacing plan that is good. If on the day you are feeling good early on trying to build an extra buffer can be disastrous. see conversation

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