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22/03/2019 at 12:17
Try Matt Fitzgeralds book 80/20 Triathlon see conversation
20/03/2019 at 17:05
Local pools have adult lessons or can do 1:1 sessions. Most tri clubs have coached swim sessions but may expect more than 50m from you but do give them a try.

There have been a number of posts on this forum with some good answers. Have a search see conversation
20/03/2019 at 17:05
Local pools have adult lessons or can do 1:1 sessions. Most tri clubs have coached swim sessions but may expect more than 50m from you but do give them a try.

There have been a number of posts on this forum with some good answers. Have a search see conversation
18/03/2019 at 10:06
Choc, was interested in your post. I too have an ftp of around 240. I did Nottingham, last year, also round a boating lake, averaging 196W but my speed was 37.3kmph. I am considerably older than you though. The speed you wish to attain having spent big. I have Kronostok 6/8 wheels, wear a Giro Air Attack helmet and ride a standard tri bike with standard components.

Do you want to race faster and come off the bike faster or do you want to save 50W of drag? The two aren't always the same. You decide.

If you want to race faster then priorities for you money are firstly to get a proper bike fit with someone who knows about triathlon. Triathlon and road TT are not the same. going lower and narrower 'may' reduce drag but are more likely to compromise your ability to produce power. Losses can easily be great than aero gains and greater hip flexion riding can result in a poor run as well as reduced leg function. The same may go for shorter cranks. Being comfortable on the bike in an aero position is what will gain you speed. If you fidget or move you will lose it.

Second. Get a coach so that you can output more power sustainably. You can get a lot of good coaching for the price of an aero helmet.

Third. Don't always trust the manufacturers figures. Equipment reviews such as carried out by this sites hosts are not perfect but can be trusted to be independent and to rank thing pretty well. Group tests are best. Not all manufacturers provide kit for tests and I think, although I may be wrong, some will withdraw before publication if things don't look good.

So after bike fit and coach the things you should focus on are an aero helmet which can save as much as a set of wheels. Long pointy ones are best but if you are likely to move your head much then a stubby one will work better. Next come the wheels: Deep section. Tubeless are quicker (supposedly). I'm assuming your tri suit isn't baggy and doesn't flap about in the wind. Also do you really need to drink during a sprint tri bike leg?

To answer one of your questions. Yes, there is a lot of hype. Businesses will always put the best spin on their products. After getting aero wheels for my tri bike, which are pretty fundamental anyway, the best spend was an ISM Adam Prologue saddle. It allows me to sit in an aero position for hours at a time. I also invest time in flexibility, mobility and muscle activation.

Hope this is of interest.
Cheers, Harry see conversation
15/03/2019 at 12:05
Has anything else changed since last year? Are you ill or have you been? Has your running or cycling moved up a level? What was your training history before Copenhagen? How is your health? Do you ever feel giddy when standing from siting or lying down or anything else not quite right? Do you check your HR when riding and running and does it climb progressively to your new max or does it spike?

You should be getting reliable readings using a chest strap. If data is stored on Garmin Connect you can look back on last years training to see what you max was and you can also check your HR profile for your latest training.

If you still have any concerns at all go and see your doctor. Be cautious

At 27 years 190-195 is not unexpected. Think through the above questions and I think you'll answer your own question. see conversation
06/03/2019 at 13:58
Yep, I use an ISM PL1.1 on my road bike. Same saddle as on my tri bike. For me it is definitely more comfortable than any of the standard saddles I've tried especially when down on the drops. Very comfy also when riding up on the hoods.

Looks to be similar to the Mistica in having the snub nose. see conversation
05/03/2019 at 09:50
Jack, I have only had a quick look at the 80/20 strength and conditioning section and don't use it myself. I do Hatha yoga once a week plus focused body-weight/strength exercises, stretches and activation work daily (15-20min).

I would recommend classifying the exercises as stretching (increasing range of mobility) which can be/should be done daily, activation work (gets muscles firing that are otherwise switched off or lazy) can be done daily or in the case of glutes best done before a run or bike session and strength (being able to apply a greater force or lift more weight or the same weight more often) probably twice a week.

A bit of stretching and activity work on an otherwise day off can make you feel alive. Strength work I would do on the same day after a run or hard/moderate bike. Try and avoid doing strength work the day before a hard or moderate session as you want to be as fresh as possible for it.

I suggest working out the sessions you want to do in a week and spread them out over the seven days. Set an upper limit on the time you are going to spend each day say 15 or 20min and keep to it. Clearly if you get injured and your physio sets a rehab programme that may change. What you are looking for is consistency and gradual progression. Every four weeks review what you are doing but don't change just for changes sake.

Hope this helps, Harry see conversation
01/03/2019 at 08:31
Jack, I used the term quality to refer to Z3, Z4, or Z5 workouts, i.e. Moderate and High intensity ones. Poor choice of word because Low intensity Z1 & Z2 are so critical and have also to be of the right "quality" in terms of intensity and duration.

I would do week 7 when you get back. Its something you can plan for rather than the unplanned missed sessions discussed previously. You will lose a little bit of "tri" fitness in that week you are away but don't worry about it. If you have access to a pool do some technique work rather than full sessions. If like me you are a poor swimmer you may lose a lot of that "feel for the water". I do, even after a week of not swimming.

Cheers, Harry see conversation
28/02/2019 at 15:47
Jack, most of the plans have every third week with a reduced volume. Not all are that obvious. They do include some quality work whereas Joe Friel's don't. They are also every third week whereas many coaches would work on a four week cycle.

See how you get on. As long as you gradually increase volume and quality you'll be OK. Most triathletes I know don't have any plan at all so you'll progress better than they do. Enjoy your training. If you miss a session then leave it missed. Don't play catch up. The odd missed session won't hold you back much if at all whereas playng catch up will. Go into your race under rather than overcooked. Make sure you go into the moderate and high intensity sessions ready give your all rather than see them being a chore. Also leave all sessions feeling you could have done one more rep or a bit more distance.

Cheers, Harry see conversation
27/02/2019 at 14:26
Jack, the zones you quoted look like garbage to me with no relationship to the physiological demands of each zone. Not sure I'd be able to get out of bed in Z1.

Looks like the Garmin training plans are a non-starter. Finish reading Matt's book and by the end I expect you will decide to use his training plans - I would. It defines the zones, tells you how to find your own and how to use them in a training plan - can't ask more than that

Nothing wrong with Z3 workouts as long as they are appropriate to what you are trying to achieve - depending on what is defined as Z3. Again there is a great deal of variance in what various coaches define as Z3.

Cheers, Harry see conversation

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