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17/07/2009 at 18:01
Assuming you're at all interested in bikes, the likes of roadcyclinguk and bikeradar are full of 'top 10' lists, and often quite a lot of useful information on anything from geometry to cassette sizes...

but to be honest, folks, who really cares what's in a 'top 10' list? It's only ever a point in time exercise, and rarely objective.
it's not as if one bike is going to be good for all people.
What _would_ be interesting to see would be the top 10 'things to consider when buying a bike'.... e.g. the relative importance of, say, geometry, groupset, weight, frame material..... _that_ at least, would be reasonably static, and of use to people who dont work in the industry.

fwiw, I got a full carbon frame with ultegra groupset for my grand.... but I'm well aware that my aero position is going to have much more impact than the frame weight on a typical OD....

good training to you all,
(oh, and if you're around the Serpie Lido this weekend, say hi!) see conversation
17/07/2009 at 17:30
Hi all,
I'm on at 12.10 on sunday... # 7926... plenty of time to amble down from Bethnal Green for me!

The race info says that the Westminster route (sunday am), rack on Sunday, and that the Tower Bridge route (Sunday pm) rack on Saturday.... I think they've got that the wrong way round....

see ya there! see conversation
14/07/2009 at 14:08
Try a (decent) spin class - one run by a cyclist.
I got my HR up to 191 on some of the hill climbs - I can hit 198 on a fitness test on a treadmill, so that's my 'max' (and I'm 38, so my 'standard' calculated max is 182...)

I'd presume that it's possible to get to max HR on any static bike - it just seems to help to have some 'encouragement'.
h see conversation
08/07/2009 at 14:02
no one's mentioned elastic laces... cost about a fiver, or less, and saved me about 20 seconds on T2. see conversation
25/06/2009 at 23:43
I'd like to ride my road bike to/from work.... and I'd rather not have to lump my work shoes as well as my suit in my backpack... so I have to get from the gym in the basement, to my desk on the 10th floor, across an ocean of polished marble, and up some escalators.
ok, so I _could_ change jobs... point I was trying to make was that SPD shoes are semi-practical, in a way that tri shoes aren't.
I'll look into cleat covers though...

and as for remaining clipped in... actually no, it does rather depend on the nature of the transition (the further you have to run, the better it is to leave the shoes clipped in.... but for short distances, the difference is marginal) see conversation
25/06/2009 at 15:49
I've used both.
Depending on how seriously you want to take things, you might be fine with MTB shoes and clips. Whilst there's probably a difference between MTB and road shoes in terms of stiffness, the difference is (much?) less than the difference between e.g. trainers and MTB shoes.
At spin class, I used to get bad cramping in my calves until i started using my MTB shoes (the spin bikes had the combined flat/SPD cleats)... using the MTB shoes, no calve worries.

The other (potentially big) advantage of MTB shoes is that you can actually walk a sensible distance in them, unlike tri shoes which are frankly impractical, being very slippery on a smooth office floor, and subject to significant wear if used outside on pavements.

you can also readily get combined flat/MTB cleats... allows you to use normal or MTB shoes - I'm not sure whether you can get an equivalent for road cleats.

good luck either way! see conversation
25/06/2009 at 15:41
I've had a Polar F11 for a few years.
Easy to setup, use and read.... difficult to impossible to download from (used to work, now doesn't, but think that's a laptop problem).
Belt is flexible and comfortable, (got the 'fabric' one, rather than the basic version), compared to the hard plastic Garmin one.
Has a bunch of functions I don't use, but have used the heart-rate alarms (bleeps if above/below a level).
Also, it's basically a watch, so unobtrusive... see conversation

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