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19/09/2017 at 09:31

Ive been doing Sprint triathlons for a few years and think ive got what i wanted from it all. Done the GB age group thing both at European and at Worlds and managed to podium. 

So my next chapter is to go for a 70.3 distance, id like to do 2 next year, one in May as a tester and for experience and then maybe do one in August/September to really go for it. 

I would like to know which courses are seen as being fast courses. Im not too concerned about lovely mountain sides and lake side runs. I want to compete not just complete.


Thanks in advance

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08/08/2017 at 19:57
Hi. I upgraded to the 935 from the fenix 2 and the tech in this watch is incredible. I managed to get hold one around April and have loved using the training peaks app and session planner, especially for hard watt bike sessions as it connects to the watt bike. I've really dived deep into what it can do regarding triathlon training and racing and love it. It's made me enjoy training and bit more than racing 😀 see conversation
30/12/2014 at 22:59

Loads and Loads of detail is written on how to train for the Ironman. The same goes for Olympic distances. However, there are some of us that wish to only target the shorter (some would say tougher) distances, such as the sprints (400/750m swim - 20-25km bike - 5km run)

I personally enjoy the intensity as I don't really have the mental capacity to do anything longer. So, on that note, can anyone throw out some suggestions of sessions for what someone ought to 'try out' at this stage of the season (its nearly new year 2015), and how training would alter/increase in the coming months.

I hope i am right in thinking that doing sprints means training less volume and higher intensities to mimic the races when closer to the season start. Obviously the training for olympic and ironman's include higher volume so I was wondering what are other peoples staple sessions for the S/B/R's

Ive been doing Sprints for 2 years but just looking for what other people might do for a bit of inspiration. According to Joe Friel and the likes we could be in Base 3 or Build 1...any ideas of what to do during these periods

My Favourite Sessions include.

Swim - WU200 (mix of backstroke and free) / 5x50m (drills like kick board or pull bouy) / 6/10 effort for 6x100 on 15s rest / 8/10 effort for 6x50 on 10s rest /             MS  6/10 effort for100/200/300/400/300/200/100 each on 25s rest (go 9/10 effort on last 25m of each) / 100 Kick / CD200 (mix strokes)

Indoor Bike - WU 10mins (plus 3x60s fast legs and 2x15s seated sprint) /              MS 6/10 effort for 5x60s single leg (thats 5 on each leg, keep alternating legs each 60s) / 8/10 effort for 3x3min / Repeat 5x60s single leg reps / 5 min cool off

Outdoor - 4/10 effort just enjoy the ride, and add a hill maybe, keep below 2 hours as sprint distances are only for 30-40 mins on bike.

Run - 40 mins in total / 10 min warm up with 2x each of A and B skip drills (just google them) / 6x400m (I use a GPS watch to gauge 400m) / spend rest of time at low easy pace on way home focusing on technique. The 400's can be increased weekly to anything from 15-20. But right now I'm on 6-10x400. The distance can also increase as weeks go on e.g 8x800m or 5x1km

I hope this helps some of the newcomers and I hope some of the more experienced and wise triathletes can help add to this sprint specific thread.



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