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01/06/2016 at 12:28

just use baby oil and cotton wool and rub in circles.  It'll come off.

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18/12/2015 at 17:21

Hayley! I have the exact same problem, I want to eat healthily and enjoy eating healthily but struggle to find what to eat at lunchtimes and fall in to a black hole of bad convenience lunches and snacking because I'm SO HUNGRY all of the time from training. In turn, I'm pretty sure my training is suffering.  If you've found a way to 'solve' it please let me know!! Inspiration needed :/



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18/12/2015 at 17:12

Are you on twitter? @wansfelb47 did it last year.  Good luck! I've been rejected every year!

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11/10/2013 at 13:49

Hi All, I've recently moved to Woking and am looking (unsuccessfully so far) to find a tri club nearby, or a running club.  Does anyone have any recommendations please?  thanks

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