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21/05/2018 at 12:30

Thank you everyone for the advice on my questions. Apologies for not getting back into here sooner to reply. I didn't read everything and take on board. It all paid off yesterday when I completed my first Triathlon at Swansea in a time of 1:37:30. I'm not sure how that compares but I was chuffed to bits with it and have come away with plenty to focus on.

Individual replies below:

@AngieMac - thank you for the advice. Apologies for not getting back here sooner. Since writing the original post, I've done a few open water swims and managed to relax after my second sea swim. I've also swam a few times in a closed dock. All helped. Yesterday was my first deep water dock - and that brought some nerves but I soon calmed down. Learning to trust a wetsuit is tough - but once you realise you can float then it's a lot easier. I've done a few rides now and yes it is different. That was my favourite bit of the whole course. Transition was fun. As a first timer I was very nervous of the race referee's that were watching everything. Maybe too nervous. I did get confused coming out of the water into T1. Just couldn't focus as my brain was fuzzy and slightly dizzy. Finally (your point 4) - I enjoyed every minute and didn't stop smiling.


@Debbie - Well done. I hope it's all going well.

@Andrew - That's great. I hope I can keep going that long.

@annlonie - Seems not. I thought 43 was old to start.


So now I am looking for improvements at every level.


Thanks again everyone,







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23/04/2018 at 22:51

Hi All,

Just thought I'd make my first post here to say "Hi". I'm venturing in to the world triathlon in May. I've entered the Swansea Sprint Triathlon.

I'm absolutely bricking it - but relishing the challenge.

So I'm here - reading posts, articles etc - with the danger of reading too much.

I've started training in all three events -

Swimming - Back in the pool since Christmas after a very long layoff from swimming. I used to be a pool life guard etc so hope my swimming comes back pretty quickly. Technique seems to be my downfall. I've done a few 750m in the pool so am confident that I can last that distance.

Bike - Since Christmas I have been attending watt bike classes. I had to give up for a few weeks as I came to the end of my marathon training (final Marathon on 29th April). SO will be going back the week after.

Run - Well I can run. Not fast, but hopefully can concentrate on getting faster instead of distance.

I have my tri and wet suit all ready. Just the nerves I need to sort out. Oh yes - my first open water swim in a long time.

Fingers crossed I enjoy it.



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