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01/05/2019 at 12:38

Hi everybody, I'm relatively new to tri, I did a sprint in 2017 and loved it. Didn't get around to a triathlon last year as my year was built around training for a half marathon, which was a big step up compared to any running I'd ever done. 

I'm back into tri now, and am looking to build to another sprint in August. I'm nursing a knee injury at the moment and as a result am on low impact training. So training my swim is ideal. 

I'm comfortable but not quick in the water, and I did my previous tri using breast stroke. I understand that this isn't the most effective stroke to use and that crawl would be better, I'm just not overly comfortable with it. 

I'm looking for some advice for things I can do to feel more comfortable using crawl. I've thought about getting a couple of private 1:1 lessons with a coach to help but this will probably be quite expensive so I'm looking for something I can do in my usual pool sessions. 

Thanks in advance!

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