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13/11/2014 at 15:49


I'm part of a team of people who are trying to organise our own sprint triathlon. I'm rather cheekily on here to ask if anyone else has ever done this and if so do they have a breakdown of all the tiny elements it takes to run an event like this? Or if they have any documentation that would help. I'm trying to ensure we don't miss anything off our plan.  Any contributions would gratefully be received.

Thank you,


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27/08/2008 at 23:53
Hey well done Combatdwarf, must have been painful running with a calf injury - hope you are allowing it to recover.

Paulfitz - £100!!! mmm I'd need to know more about it before I spent that kind of money - is there a link (...and are you on comission, are you a secret 220 employee roping people into this package...!)

tri_dot_dom thanks for the info on Chippenham Wheelers and the ride at Castle Combe - now that does sound fun...and all for £1...bargin. I'll see if some of my friends want to give it a try. 37mins for a 22k - that's fast - you'll definately beat your time next year (if you enter again)

Thanks for the info and I may see you out on the circuit.
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27/08/2008 at 00:50
Hi Sophie,

I've just completed my first triathlon and it was great;I think you'll love it. I was quite surprised by the range of people who attended - not all of the competitors were competitive and there were a large number of people doing it for fun so don't worry on that front. I think it wouldn't have been so good if I hadn't got there early - my advice would be to get there early. Set yourself up and make sure you know where your bike is (as I found out it can be hard to spot once all the bikes are on the rack). If you're not sure how to set yourself up just ask someone who looks like they know what they're doing (that's what I also did). But by far the best thing I did though was to just start speaking to people. Triathletes just seem all naturally very friendly (even those with the flash bikes) and they'll offer you some really good advice/tips if you ask. It's also good to make general chit chat before an event as it relaxes you and the other person - have a laugh. The other thing I did, which may not be relevant to your event, was to look at the pool and watch the swimming to see what's what. You may be doing an open water event but it was interesting to watch the different strokes and again to socialise.
You'll learn a lot. I think you'll enjoy the event but just don't be too hard on yourself during the event after all it is your first. Good luck.
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26/08/2008 at 23:10
Tri_dot_dom, cool, 137 is brill. I would like to try and get into the top 100 next time. Highworth - I've never heard of a tri at Highworth but am new to this. Is that an open water swim? If so do you have to wear a wet suite? Plan was just to see if I liked this one and train over winter but if there are still events left over the 'summer' I could try and fit in a few more. Was thinking about finding a cycling club in the area as I'm about to join a running club tonight. I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed the cycling - especially bombing down hill (except the seat pains). I'd like to know more about this side of the sport. Do you know if Chippenham has a cycling club that meets over the weekend? see conversation
26/08/2008 at 22:03
well I've done my Tri - thanks for the advice I did it in 1.24.54 and definately want to take this sport up. It was really good although I think at times I was a bit too cautious and casual...just soaking up the vib of the event really. Combatdwarf how did you do? see conversation
23/08/2008 at 01:50
Hi Iain,

I'll probably see you there! What number are you (that's if you want to tell me) - I'll cheer you on if I see you. My start is at 10.59 but I plan to get there very early so I can watch the other competitors and how they do it! All the best for your race.

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22/08/2008 at 21:40
It's in Malmesbury (Wiltshire). I think I've put in the training (although not in a structured way). I sent off for the triathlons training bible which will help in the future. I'm not sure how the actual event will go but am loving the training so what ever happens I will keep it all up over the winter and work on my fitness for the next season. I'm hoping to do London next year.
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22/08/2008 at 19:10
Thanks for the replies. I think it's a case of getting my head down and trying my best bearing in mind the drafting rule. I'm treating it as a fun event as this is my first...all trial and error. see conversation
22/08/2008 at 01:23
Thank you Bopomofo(!) - you’re a found of knowledge. So the bike section is a tactical race in terms of whether or not to over take and expend energy. In a way I hope I’m near other competitors to experience these tactics of bike racing. I’m just trying to get around but I’m thinking I’ll try and watch the better racers to look at their tactics afterwards – they are all starting a lot later than me.
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22/08/2008 at 00:16
Hi, I’m so nervous; I’m doing a sprint triathlon this weekend. I am very confused. I watched the triathlon on TV and they were drafting on the bikes. I thought you weren’t allowed to do this – or is this a rule that just applies to certain distances? I don’t want to get disqualified if I end up in a drafting scenario can anyone shed some light as there are no rules with regards to this in my race pack. The cycle route is only 14miles.

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