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17/11/2009 at 18:06
I'm guessing you've read the reviews re the Cayo from the Wiggle.co.uk website? If not there are loads there - two from magazines (one from our own 220 mag!).
I bought the Cayo a few weeks ago and its a very nice bike. The gears are very smooth and its responsive once you get on the power.
Its a little heavier than I expected and not the most spectacular looking bike though. But for the price its a very nice bit of kit with a great spec, and I'm pretty pleased with my buy (just wish it would stop raining long enough for more spins on it!!). As you say, the saving allows you to kit the bike out..or put it towards some nice wheels........?!
I just hope it gets me round my first UK 70.3 course in June without too much trouble......... see conversation
17/11/2009 at 16:36
That was a lucky escape! Although why have you ended up with a PE/DVT?
Obvously warfarin 'thin's the blood' so long runs could potentially cause micro muscle tears and bleeding/bruising. The same could occur around the knee joints due to impact. From what I gather though it's only impact sports such as rugby that cause significant problems - or if you fall off your bike!? Obviously check with the doctor/haematologist, but once your 'INR' is stable you should be good to go for moderate training sessions.
Hope all goes well and good luck for the IM. see conversation
16/11/2009 at 11:07
The guys below seem to run coaching weekends - I've never been to one of their camps so I cant endorse them though.
They also seem to offer all round tri coaching, but are based in the North West.

http://www.theendurancecoach.com see conversation
15/11/2009 at 22:31
Hi all,
I am very new to Triathlon (having completed 2 sprint's over the last few months!?), but been 'roped' into UK IM 70.3 in june!!!
I need to continue to build my 'base' aerobic fitness and strength over the winter and I keep hearing reference to turbo trainer and rollers.
So what are peoples thoughts of these trainers? Is it purely personal preferrance or is one better for tri training?
The rollers seem to require more technique but do they still build strength/fitness in the same way, ie like the turbo's seem to?
Thanks for any thoughts
Cheers Steve.

PS anyone around the Southport area who wants to hook up for some training sessions? see conversation

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