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02/03/2018 at 21:11
I did a 70.3 last year and currently training for full course this May. My learnings so far:
1. Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition - training 3 sessions per week of each is going to need a lot of energy.. I have found science in sport excellent, use their Energy powder and gels during, Rego post exercise and whey protein and overnight protein. At the moment I track everything that I eat and the calories burnt during the day to ensure i???m Getting enough carbs/protein.
2. Regular massages - you???re going to get sore training on tired legs.. helps free up and tightness and reduce chance of injury
3. Bike trainer at home - even a cheap fluid trainer means you can train easily at home, plus it???s more effective at doing interval training as it???s a constant load - I eventually went full hog with a wahoo kickr and it???s great but hard, meaning I can exercise at very specific watts during intervals.
4. Training plan - for 70.3 I followed a free plan that was ok for that distance. Now following 80/20 endurance plan, so makes the training much more structured and actually makes me more motivated as every training session has a specific objective which makes me feel like i???m not wasting any time.
5. Allow for sickness - allow some contingency in your training duration for either sickness or other unexpected weeks where you might not be able to train. if you have a training plan that is 23 weeks long then would suggest starting 25-26 weeks before event.. during a 6 month period it???s guaranteed that you???ll probably get sick once and therefore you can rest in the knowledge that you can pick up training plan again with enough time to continue full program!

I didn???t take nutrition seriously during first 12 weeks and got pretty sick.. now with good nutrition plan am recovering faster and feeling overall better.

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