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03/04/2013 at 18:15
What bike are you riding at the moment? £2k spent on a road bike will see a lot more miles than a tri bike. Also, don't feel you have to wade in and buy some 'free speed' for only your second tri.

How about just sticking some clip-on aero bars onto your roadie and see how you get on? see conversation
22/11/2011 at 02:42
Bit of a re-run of this year, but with a better plan for fitting Tri in around the rest of my life.

2012 Goals: Sub-45 10k, Sub-2:30 OD, Sub-5:30 HIM

10/01 – Stubbington 10k
26/02 – Heartbreaker X-C Marathon
25/03 – Eastleigh 10k
13/05 – Swashbuckler Middle Distance
17/06 – Windsor Olympic Distance
08/07 – Bournemouth Olympic Distance
19/08 - Brownsea Island Swim (6.5km)
26?/08 - National Club Relay Champs - COME ON BCTTT!!!

Chuck in a handful of sportives and some more OW swims towards the back end of the year and the job's a good'un. Might get a chance to chuck a few sprints in as well. We'll see. Oh, and time-trials. Lots of time-trials... see conversation
28/03/2011 at 23:55
Blinkybaz wrote:
1.2 K is 1900 metres


1.2k in 25min is a fine start. You're sub-30 for 1500, assuming you can do some practice swimming while being punched in the back of your head by the guy next to you, having some breast-stroking twunt cave your face in with a kick and having your goggles ripped off when you find yourself shoved to the bottom at a turn.

It's all good. see conversation
28/03/2011 at 23:47
Hate to disagree, Coney, but even the most determined triathlon spender would have to look twice at carbon shoes for a 3k bike leg.... How about a nice comfortable pair of carbon-fibre slippers?

Or a pogo-stick? see conversation
28/03/2011 at 23:44
Oh dammit. I only clicked this link because I wanted to buy a new Prada bag and some cheap Nikes. And where's the Vi4gr@ advertising??

Very disappointed. see conversation
28/03/2011 at 23:42
I'm new to this. What do you do if you get a puncture during a race?

Fix it.

Jeez. Do I have to think of everything?

On the other hand, no... what Conehead said. And if you're really lucky some bald-headed idiot will stop to help, fix it in seconds using his own kit when he finds out that your are woefully badly equipped, underprepared and mentally incapable of helping yourself.... then you can laugh as he spends the next 50 miles swearing his head off about the whole incident.

(At least I think that is what happened) see conversation
28/03/2011 at 23:36
1hr 12 on a tractor with tri bars fitted is a pretty impressive effort.

A fancy-ass tri bike would probably give you 3-5 mins on that time. How often do you run out of gears (in either direction)? If you have enough gears then a tri-bike is only giving you an aero-advantage.

However... what about the run? A tri bike should give you a bit more on the run too, as your legs shouldn't be quite so dead because of the modified seating position.

But never mind the science. This is triathlon. Should you forfeit your kids' education and quite possibnly lose your house because you've blown £7k on a carb-porn fibre bling machine?

Yes. Fact. see conversation
28/03/2011 at 23:28
Ooh... not been here for a while. Let me stretch my typing fingers... CRRACKK!

OK, first tri.. looking for advice? Never mind about transition practice. Just think through the fact that you need to change somehow (and magically) from swimming to cycling gear, then cycling to running gear. Easy.

You're going to screw up your first couple of races anyway, so just go with it. Learn from the experience.

Now... if I may be so bold as to mention those inconsequential bits between the transitions?

Top tip: I'd suggest you do loads of training. Really. That's it. The sum total of my advice. Oh, OK... do loads of cycling training. And make sure you can swim.

That'll do for your first tri. Everything else is just gravy. Nobody ever DNF'ed in transition... not many, anyway. Good luck. see conversation
06/10/2010 at 18:42
Lose your race belt, grab wrong bike..... grab wrong bike,
Lose your race belt, grab wrong bike..... grab wrong bike,
Spill sports drink in your shoes, squirt fuel gel in your eye,
Lose your race belt, grab wrong bike..... grab wrong bike,

Altogether now...

Drop hat, fall off, broken spoke... broken spoke,
Drop hat, fall off, broken spoke... broken spoke,
aaand freeeze your valve when your CO2 explodes,
Drop hat, fall off, broken spoke... broken spoke,

c'mon now...

Crap at one sport, why do three?... why do three?
Crap at one sport, why do three?... why do three?
Oh sod it, have fun, join the BCTTT!
Why do one sport, we love three... we love three! see conversation
23/09/2010 at 14:56
Theiving shower of sh*ts. Feel sorry for you, leekyboy.

Cross posted onto the BCTTT forum to let everybody there know. see conversation

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