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26/10/2009 at 20:27
Abit late but it did make the BBC as did Julie Dibbens great win as well. There's a mention of all 5 of pour ITU World champs and on top of that Chrissie gets in for a mention as well. All helped along via Twitter. ... 325856.stm see conversation
12/07/2009 at 20:34
Chrissie won at Roth and run a new world recorld time of 8:31:59.

Classy ladies, Chrissie and Catriona Morrison, who came third are on the finishing line handing out medals.

see conversation
16/06/2009 at 01:36
Agree with all above, what a great day.
Lots of lessons to learn for next year.

Swim 53 minutes, lesson 1 here if your goggles steam up stop and clear them straight away. I eneded up on the furthest bank bestween the 3 rd and 4 th markers and again on the bank by the last marker where finally I de steamed my goggles and them made it back to the finish. To be honest I fully expected to have timed out and was very surprised at the time. Although I knew I could swim the distance having done it a few times down at Heron lake I never thought to time myself, when everyone one was mentioning cut off times I was scared to death.

T1 9:44 Spent the time getting my legs back and trying to calm down some what.

Bike 4:23:12 I have to thank Simon here, he took part in the event last year and timed out on the bike, he was back to do better this year ( he did by the way) He very kindly drove the bike course with my on Friday evening this is the only reason I didn't time out. Another lesson here get yourself to big events and ride the course before hand. I took 2:10 on the first loop and didn't make it it fully up any of the climbs without walking. This lead to the hardest ride I've ever done to get inside the cut off time, I cant climb but I'm good on flat and downhill this is what got me round. I need to work hard on hills before next year. Another lesson I hadn't given any thoughts to the cut off times, I cant describe the panic I felt at the end of the first lap thinking about the cut off time. I flew round the second lap risking my life on a couple of downhills just to give me time to get up the climbs. When I got over the line inside the time the relief I felt was over whelming.

T2 6:34 Felt longer I just sat for a few minutes coming to terms with it all. Done well here to put on sun tan lotion which I was relieved that I'd put in my bag.

Run 3:06 To be honest I've got no excuse for this time, I just ran and walked relived in the fact I was going to get round. You get 4 hours for the run so the pressure was off and I treated it as such.

So I completed the event and got my medal. It was by luck not judgement that I got through. After the event I said never again it was to hard, but 24 hours on my view has changed. Don't get me wrong it is a hard event, Ironman themselves list it as the hardest 70.3 on their calender but if I'd gone and checked out the course earlier in the year, I would have known I needed to train more on hills on the bike and also the run. I would have timed my swim and know you only get an hour to complete, this would have relaxed me some much while on the swim which would have helped alot. I don't feel I've done myself justice hence my change of heart I want to do alot better next time.

The event was very well organised, the volunteers and crowds were fantastic and even the weather, once the mist had gone was great.

I'll see you there next year. see conversation
19/05/2009 at 05:50
I also took part in the event, unfortunately I got a puncture as did my friend at the same place. It was on the downhill after the climb over Schiehallion, travelling fast when the front tyre went down. Very scary.

The majority of the locals were out cheering us along, even after the extra delay. I will go back next year and hope to complete the course without out the course being shortened by 8 miles. They've said to take off about an hour and 25 minues for the stop at the fire station but we was also stopped for well over 30 minutes before we got sent there. see conversation
25/10/2008 at 07:53
did anyone get an e-mail from ironman uk tonight I think my spam blocker may have picket it up and I bounced it by mistake any info as to what it said we be useful many thanks see conversation
12/10/2008 at 04:36
she's going great guns so far, really enjoying the coverage on

Hoping for a new course record at this rate. see conversation
07/09/2008 at 19:03
I use

It also has the option to upload your garmin workouts, it's free and you can also download plans to keep to. see conversation
12/08/2008 at 04:43
First OD for me time was 3:17:27 was in the first wave 6:30 Sunday. Overall really enjoyed it but the swim was tough due to not being able to train after dislocating my shoulder. I've already entered for next year I got a time to beat now see conversation
22/06/2008 at 00:23
I think lots of us have got heart monitors that calculate callories used, an article on just how accurate they are and what they actually mean in regards of your nutritional and callorie intake would be useful. see conversation
22/06/2008 at 00:06
I use veet on my legs and after my crash on Wednesday can definately agree with mr Armstrong the road rash is nowhere near as ichy as it was the last time I crashed with hair [:)] see conversation

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