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11/05/2009 at 17:50
Thanks for the response - i'm in Wales on a cycling weekend i'm afraid otherwise I would try and make it.

Also the fact that the 70.3 is on the 14th of June would be slightly problematic!

I guess a preview of one bit of information you are going to impart is too much to ask?! I've found the 2XU with 25% off which makes me tempted to just go for that! see conversation
11/05/2009 at 17:16
Hi all,

Among others on this forum i'm signed up for the 70.3 and Ironman in the UK. I've currently got by up to 70.3 distance in my entry level Orca suit, but with the Ironman fast approaching I figure its time to treat myself.

As far as I can tell the three leading contenders are

I've had a scan of this forum and back edition 220's but nothing sprung out at me - anyone got any advice or knowledge?

Thanks! see conversation
09/05/2009 at 19:26
I just had great amusement reading this whilst watching Saturday morning kitchen and it reminded me of a training session a few years ago.

It was whilst I was in serious rowing training, but I had also signed up for my 1st marathon. Rowing was going great and I had a training week in Ghent (Belgium). The first day we arrived early, and went straight from the hotel to the rowing lake and did a couple of very hard 2 hour sessions on the water. This was about 8 weeks out from Henley so we were just doing final boat selections and starting to really ramp up the training.

We got back to the hotel and I thought I had better go out for a quick run, as I hadn't been running much and the marathon was in a couple of weeks! (very sensible I know!). I set out and turned to the canal system and just though it would be fine following that for about 30 mins and then turning back. Now I still swear that I never turned off that canal, but at some point it must have split as I ended up so completely lost.

So basically I had no food, money, water and was lost in a city I had only just arrived in and couldn't remember the name of the hotel that we had stayed at! I also realised that the only phone number I remembered if I could find a phone and reverse charges is a friends parents from back in the UK.

I just kept on running and tried to find something I recognised, eventually I managed to find the rowing lake where we had been and then retraced the route back to the hotel. I arrived back about 2 and a half hours after leaving and absolutely dead. When my room mates opened the door and mentioned how long i'd been I just non-chalantly replied 'marathon training' - as if I had planned to do it! I then crawled off to my bed and died.

Valuable lesson to be learned - always take a phone and money with you.

That being said, just realised I haven't learned that lesson as whilst away in Spain on holiday last year I went running from the villa I was staying at. Got completely lost again, no phone and couldn't remember the name of where we were - added to the 35 degree heat and no water and it all got interesting!

One day i'll learn... see conversation
22/04/2009 at 06:20
Hi all, just a problem i've been having with my bike that I can't seem to solve.

I built it myself for the first time and put some grease on the seat post before putting it in the frame. Now it seems to always slip down when I go out on the roads (over any bumps basically - its fine if I do it on the turbo). No matter how hard I tighten it it just wont stay up.

I've tried washing it and the slot in the frame but that hasn't helped. I was then suggested to use some sandpaper - although that hasn't helped either. Anyone got any ideas?! Its really destroying my legs in the long cycles as I slip down about 2 inches throughout the ride!

Thanks in advance,

Jack see conversation
15/04/2009 at 18:46
There was a swim in there - that was the first session on Monday!

Also just been for another one, but thats beside the point!

Interesting what you say, as I always thought I had too much carbohydrates so was trying to decrease it in favour of protein. I did cut out all protein shakes and such from January when I started this training program (I used to use them alot during rowing when you need more muscle as a heavyweight rower). I just have found that the weight has fallen off me though, so an instructor at the gym I use suggested I start using them again - albiet he is probably thinking more along the building muscle line rather than ultra endurance.

Still, going back to my original question - if you just take the multiplication of your BMR x activity factor then how does that take into account how long you train for? Ie if I do 2 sessions a day and thus am very active, its very different if my 2 sessions are 1 hour each or if they include a 5 hour bike ride (for example) - thus wouldn't my calorie needs be different each day? If so then do you just change the multiplication factor for your BMR dependent on how long your sessions are?

Sorry if it sounds like i'm being pedantic, i'm just really curious see conversation
15/04/2009 at 07:06
Don't worry about me, there is still plenty to loose on me!

Basically I have a set of scales which measure bf %. They are very unlikely to be as accurate as calipers but I think they are approximately right, also it has been going down so its all right. Unfortunately I didn't get into sport (Any sport except drinking that is) since I was 20 which was only about 6 years ago so still got excess fat from that despite new training regime.

I'm always interested in food though and trying to lose the last bit around my waist, I am down from 18st to less than 13 though so definitely gone in the right direction!!

Diet, for example the last two days:

9am - Porridge made with water and semi skimmed milk - honey and raisins
11am - 3k swim with interval work
1pm - Veg lasagne (home made), bread with butter, salad with balsamic vinegar
2.30 - protein shake with carbs in (200 cals)
3pm - 3.5 hour bike ride + 30 min run (about 60 miles at Z2) - consumed 2 power bars and 1 powergel
7:30pm - protein shake (pure protein so 100 cals only), more veg lasagne, bread and salad
9pm - hot chocolate (50 cals)
(drank 2 cups of coffee and shed loads of water)

6:30 - protein shake with carbs (200 cals)
7:00 - 60" Gym weights - protein shake (100 cals)
8:00 - 45" cycle to work (stop and start through london traffic)
9:00 - Porridge with honey and raisins
12:00 - Large bowl of carriot and coriander soup with 2 large chunks of brown bread, diet coke and 2 chunks of turkish delight
4pm - Half a malt loaf (250 cals worth) and a glass of semi skimmed milk
5pm - 45" cycle home (Stop/start)
6pm - 45" bike/ 30" run Z2 Brick - 1 banana and 1 powergel
7.30pm - 2 chicken breasts and a pack of stir fry vegtables - stir fried with some chili dipping sauce
8pm - missing the carbs from the meal so had 2 slices of bread with butter and strawberry jam
9pm - hot chocolate and 2 oranges

So whats the verdict then, anyone have any ideas how i'm doing?!

see conversation
15/04/2009 at 04:53

This is a relatively simple yet surprisingly annoying question. I am well aware of the basic way you calculate your daily metabolic rate, then multiply it by a factor based on your exercise level.

For myself, I am 85kg, 6.3% Bodyfat and 188cm. This gives me a BMR of about 1950. I train twice a day but have a sedentary job (office based) so would multiply it by about 1.7 to get a daily calorie requirement of about 3,500 calories.

Now this is the bit I don't understand. If my two training sessions are for example a 70 minute swim (approx 850 calories) and a 80" Brick sessoin (approx 1150 calories) that means I have burnt off 2000 calories in active exercise during the day.

I have however already used the fact that i'm exercising in my base calorie requirement (ie 3,500) so should I count it again as how much i've actually burnt? So basically should the figure for my day be 3500 or 5500?

N.B - i've tried to use round numbers for ease of use, I appreciate the exact numbers may vary. I am just after the theory so that I can work out the exacts.

Thanks for the help!

Jack see conversation
14/04/2009 at 23:20
I don't quite have time to explain, but I have taught myself to swim and did quite a lot of reading online to work out the technique (its not perfect but its not bad either!). The internet is a real wealth of free information so I recommend you do some reading yourself.

I just quickly typed in 'swimming drills' into our friend google and this website looked promising see conversation
14/04/2009 at 23:03
haha, not quite! Unfortunately my first name isn't Lance....

Running at about 5 min a km atm so about 6k during that time. But still, I did a longer swim and bike! see conversation
14/04/2009 at 23:03
I doubt there is anyone on this forum that would say no!

It would be even easier in a Trisuit as well. (you were talking about whilst sitting in a suit at work in the middle of the office for the general question right?!) see conversation

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