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10/05/2018 at 15:01

I'd try to keep my swimming and running volumes up.  As you say, if you can rent a bike you get do the same work, it may not be as fast, but you can peg your efforts on HR and time and get a decent enough work out in.

It seems like this would be a good opportunity for you to really focus on swimming a lot, i.e. getting in 60-90 minutes every other day (early in the morning if you have to) and similarly building some run volume and perhaps trying to get in 2-3 long runs and then 4 or 5 shorter runs.  If you can keep run volume up (at a slow pace to avoid injuries) and include plenty of swimming you won't lose a lot of cardiovascular fitness and the extra R&R by avoiding work should leave you feeling refreshed. This should also give you a great chance to boost your swim fitness at technique.

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05/05/2018 at 21:22
I went for a run this morning - at one point I did 100m in 9.4s - I mean it was only actually 50 metres but its still a world record right?

On a serious note, Ironman can't have their cake at eat it - either Roth doesn't count because its not a legit course and therefore nor should this or everything "close enough" should count and therefore Roth is in an this still isn't a world record... Its a typical Ironman move and its just bogus and self serving, presumably in this instance to generate a bit of hype and press about a "world record" see conversation
04/08/2017 at 17:30
As far as I can tell, the study in no way supports the conclusion.

If the article fairly represents the paper then the authors looked specifically at athletes running to a trained technique versus and untrained technique and then seeks to conclude that the untrained technique is worse. This is clearly poor science... I have both comments and questions:

1. what was the relative stride length of the more experience runners compared to the less experienced runners? If the more experienced/ faster runners also had a longer stride length (height adjusted) then its a pretty plausible theory that in the long term the inexperienced runners would benefit from adapting their running style to increase stride length (my strength has certainly got longer as I have gained fitness). This is something that the paper does acknowledge - I don't think it really tackles this particularly well.

2. You may have guessed this one... the study makes no attempt to quantify the benefits of actually training to the new stride length. Surely it would have been an infinitely better experiment if athletes spent say 6 - 12 weeks training to a new stride length to so that the new stride length became more natural to them and then comparing the results of different stride length efficiencies. It would not be even remotely surprising if, after a dedicated training focus a lot of those efficiency differences at least disappeared. The authors theory could only then hold true if the natural stride length still showed a statistically significant efficiency advantage over the adjusted stride length.

3. Somewhat a follow up of point 2, did the authors of the paper examine run technique in the non-natural stride lengths. If you ask someone with no drills or training to increase their stride length by 8%, I'd be very surprised if this didn't lead to significant overstriding and therefore cause the athlete to expend energy braking themselves which would obviously lead to a fall in efficiency that wouldn't be observed if the athlete increased their stride length due to greater hip flexor extension and no overstriding - from an n=1 sample of myself, I generally find I can run at a greater pace for a similar heart rate when I focus on glute activation and hip flexor extension. If the experimenters did not take any steps to acknowledge and control for this then I again have to query whether this provides much valuable insight.

The full paper appears to entirely ignore points 2 and 3 which is particularly worrying. Indeed, the paper measures peoples oxygen uptake in minute 2 of running with a new technique (and takes 4 measurements, 1 per 15s window within that minute). Based on the protocol it would be more surprising if people were as efficient after 60s of a new technique as if they had been running with it for months / years... given that in trained athletes we are talking 1.2% efficiency I don't think that you can conclude that natural stride length is most efficient on the basis of this study. see conversation
31/07/2017 at 13:19

Music isn't banned - latest rules say that music/ headphones are permitted on the run provided that they don't go over or in years, i.e. bone conducting headphones are permitted.

As you say, the key thing is being able to hear other participants, marshalls etc and being alert to your surroundings.

I agree, camera's etc will mean people will fiddle with it etc and potential cause accidents (and major ones at that on the bike course).  Once you open this avenue up you potentially get a lot of issues, imagine in 10 years time when sports drone tech gets better and everyone wants to have their own "follow-me" drone covering their entire race... better just to say a flat no.

I also query whether there are certain issues from event organisers about privacy etc, i.e. whilst participants consent to the organisers taking footage, would everyone be happy if any Tom/ Dick/ Harry etc was recording freely.  I can see how that might make people less comfortable.

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21/07/2017 at 15:30

Ben - don't worry, whilst the transition area is massive its pretty easy to navigate - there is a well marked route and each of the racks has a very large letter on it and wave start times using it.  So all you need to remember is:

1. What letter you racked in (e.g. A, C or whatever)

2. Which side of the rack you were (expo side or non-expo side or if you were C where you were the B side of the D side) to ensure you run down the correct aisle; and

3. How far you were from down the aisle - least important bit really, and I find a coloured towel over the handle bars allows you to a) dry your hands, and b) spot your bike a bit further away.

Then its just a case of remembering that bike out is "expo side by the water" and run out is "expo side away from the water" or just "by the entrance to transition" (there are also very big signs).

You should be fine and certainly spend a couple of minutes walking through it if you have any doubts.

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17/07/2017 at 12:49

Much easier and (probably) cheaper to upgrade wheels later on, Di2 you would probably need to go to your LBS for it.

I would go with Di2 and then for the extra money you could pick up some Flo or Hunt wheels or something a be pretty close.

Wheels you can also choose what to buy based on budget, sales etc whereas Di2 you will always be looking for the same components, then have to make sure you get all the right bits etc or you end up paying your LBS to do it.  Unless the wheels are Zipp NSWs then I think its a no brainer to buy the better drive train and upgrade the wheels at the right time for you with little/ no hassle.

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06/07/2017 at 13:26

Nutrient timing - in this country we are very bad at this and often back load our food, i.e. eat our biggest meal at dinner time.  This means your body is in energy preservation mode for most of the day (as you haven't given it enough food) and then dump a load of calories in at dinner time.  Your body thinks "good, I've been fed, as we've got some down time (sleep) lets stash this away to cling on to it for tomorrow" this means you can be theoretically in a caloric defecit but because you put your body into starvation mode during the day it isn't burning as many calories (so its not as much of a deficit) and then you give it plenty to store up in fat at bed time.

It's far better to front load your calories consumption and try to avoid eating too much within a couple of hours of bed time, that way your body isn't able to pack on fat whilst you sleep.

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26/06/2017 at 17:14

+1 - for a supersprint if you can get at 3-6 30-45 minute sessions per week you will absolutely breeze through it.  They key thing is to try to be injury free and consistent which means don't ramp up the volume too quickly and avoid doing too much high intensity work.

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15/06/2017 at 12:19

Matt has put the number about right.  I think on a fast ish course you might be able to "squeak in" on a 2:15 (possibly not in M30-34 as the men's 30 categories are probably the toughest to get into) but I think to be confident/ comfortable, you would want to be able to go under 2:10 on a flat fast course (I'm thinking something with effectively zero elevation on the bike) - probably a sub 25 swim, 1:05 or faster on the bike and 40 on the run is what you want to be looking at.

I think as noted, if you are able to enter all three qualifiers you give yourself a better shot, but it probably requires at least one or two away weekends (3 if you're really unlucky) as there is usually one down on the South Coast, one in the Midlands and one in the North of the country so that people from different parts of the country can reasonably have a go.

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03/05/2017 at 18:36

I had ACL and meniscus tear. Spent 10 years managing it with flare ups, got the op and have been all singing and all dancing, including marathons and 70.3s since.

The problem with leaving torn meniscus in is that it wont grow back but what you leave is a flappy edge that can be torn further.  Think of it like a rubber ring or a piece of plastic wrap (or even tape).  When its perfect its tricky to tear it but once you have a weakness and a torn edge you can rip a chunk off really easily.  This means that by not having a small chunk removed now, you may need to have a huge chunk removed later.  If the meniscectomy is less than 30% it is likely to have limited impact on your knees but if you wait, do further damage and end up having to take out 50, 60 or 70% you can kiss running painfree goodbye forever and dramatically increase your chances of needing a knee replacement.

Without hesitation I would get the surgery and it is a colossal regret of mine that I didn't get it when I first suffered the injury!

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