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22/12/2008 at 05:03
My elastic laces - so I can do them up/undo them when I've got cold hands!

Second would be my Hilly compression socks, they are warmer than other ones I've tried, do the job well, and have solved lots of previous problems! see conversation
22/12/2008 at 04:46
I'd love to find some nice friendly people to go cycling with, and the odd run here and there - but female road cyclists around me seem few and far between. And when I have gone out with guys on the odd occasion they seem to have taken great pleasure in dropping me!

And so it seems my destiny to be alone... I do talk to my bike though, he doesn't talk back too much, as he knows he'll make me pay dearly up the hills! see conversation
21/12/2008 at 02:06
Thank you for everyone that has been in contact so far.

If anyone else is willing to simply recieve an attachment containing the questionnaire, fill it in, and send it back I'd be really appreciative.

Amazon see conversation
19/12/2008 at 05:23

Hi all
I'm a postgraduate student at Exeter University , with the school of Health and Sports Science, and about to begin a study on overtraining. The main reason for the research is to raise awareness of what overtraining actually is, and to provide evidence based research on the effects this can have on people's lives - both short and long term.
I think many people have heard this term, but very few have the knowledge needed to really be able to identify the signs and symptoms, in themselves, others - and take preventive measures needed before the athlete experiences overtraining.
I'm looking for sports people that are undertaking regular training, of all ages (18+), all types of physical activity, and of all standards - novice to elite, to fill in a simple 'tick box' type questionnaire so that I might gather infomation relating to age, gender, and type of sport, that will enable me to see if some sports are more prevalent to this than others. Something which underpins the first part of my study.
Many of you may be coaches as well as athletes yourselves, or planning to become a coach in future years after you have 'retired' from competition. This type of research is important for coaches, education and awareness in this area can allow an individual to be identified at the early stage onset of overtraining, and as we all know - Prevention is better than a cure!!!
So here is where I hope people will engage with what I'm trying to do, I have a questionnaire which I am looking to get as many people throughout the country to complete as possible.
The only requirements are that your over 18, you partake in regular training, and that you own a pen to tick some boxes with!!
My Exeter University e-mail address is [color=#0000ff][/color]
I am happy to answer any questions, and will send a questionnaire to anyone that wishes to take part. I will even provide a means to get it back to me if you choose the postal option! But I can also e-mail it.
All information will be treated confidentially.
Thank you for reading this very long thread if you've made it this far!

Amanda[/align] see conversation
17/11/2008 at 02:50
My coach is Peter Freedman, elite triathlete......does that count?? see conversation
10/11/2008 at 01:23
Hi Macke
I started training properly in January as I was out of the country for a while before this, at this point i was doing approx 12 hours per week.
I entered the UK 70.3 in June so I peaked for this event, and also used it as a good indicator to see if I was on the right track for fitness etc.
I also thought that if I could survive that bike course, and make cut off, then I knew I would have a good fighting chance at the IM.
Being so new to bike riding it was touch and go right up to the day if I would make it or not - and anyone who has done that course will totally understand what I'm talking about!!!
I'm not sure who was more relieved when I came round the last corner to enter transition, me - because the worst was over! - or my friends - just because I'd made it well in time!!
I then took a couple of weeks to just do really light training and recover fully, after this the build up to the full IM really began, with 18 hour solid training weeks up until approx 9 days before the event when I started to taper.
That saw me finish well within all the individual and over all cut off times, and coming from a total novice bike rider position to start with. I also hadn't ever done a full marathon until that day either.
Be brave, go for it, and believe that you can make it!!

I also found that once I had actually entered fear was the biggest motivator to train!!!!

I hope that answers you question Macke!

Amazon see conversation
22/10/2008 at 05:10
I've done IMUK and loved it - go for it, in a good way!! see conversation
20/10/2008 at 07:20
Hey there!

Going to your doctor is a good idea, it will either identify a problem, or put your mind at rest that there is nothing medically going on, and should certainly be the first port of call.

It's very difficult to try and rule other things out without knowing more details like weekly training total, dietry issues, racing schedule, amount of sleep etc - however I do have a fair amount of knowledge about over training due to my work.
If you wanted to discuss over PM then please get in contact and I can learn a little bit more about the symtoms. It may be something really simple - like lack of iron, which the doctor may sort out.
But equally if it is down to overtraining then that's pretty easy to put right too - the most important thing is to identify the problem before it starts affecting you anymore.

Take care.

Amazon see conversation
20/10/2008 at 07:20

I think niobark has given some very sound advice. I'm a post grad sports science student at Exeter Uni, which is currently has the best and most up to date testing facilities in the country (even better than Loughborough!!), and I Would say that spending money to undergo tests would be a waste of money that could be much better spent elsewhere - like decent equipment as already mentioned.
This is unless you are already a very good athlete and competing to a high level, in which case tests could be done to highlight specific areas of weakness, which can then be targeted in a specific training program.

VO2 max tests have no relevance to endurance exercise at all, step tests as described above hold more relevance, but still not really essential. Following the advice above will give you enough info to get target zones in the right area.

There is very little chance you would get paid for being a test case if you were to put yourself forward to testing at a uni, from my experience anyway, as there is not usually too much difficulty in finding willing students to take part - but it is a way to get some testing done free if you really wanted it.
However bare in mind that the student would be undertaking specific tests for their data collection and so you may not get everything done that you listed above for e.g. lactate testing.

If you wanted to see improvements, and you have the spare cash, it could be worth investing it in a good coach who will provide a decent program. Consistency in training is the key to tri in my opinion, and any tests you do now would be out of date within a couple of months - hence a waste of money.

If your new - just go enjoy!! Plenty of time to worry about all this stuff later!! :) see conversation
20/10/2008 at 07:03
I went from 0-Ironman in 11 months. It was tough, really tough. Especially as I had to learn how to ride a bike first!! And the first marathon I'd ever done was on the day.

However I did make it with lots of time to spare, and I'll do it all again!

It was without doubt one of the best days of my life, I learnt a lot about myself, and what my limits really are (and not just on the day, but in training too). It really comes down to how much you want it, but I think that everyone however fast or slow goes through that stage on the say. If something is easy it's not worth having, and I feel that all the hard work that went into it made it so much more special - I say go for it!!! You won't regret it!!

And even if the absoulute worst happened and you didn't quite finish this time round at least you'll have put your money where your mouth is and tried, a lot of people say they could, very few dare to actually try.

I wish you all the very best!

Amazon see conversation

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