Triathlon gear of the year: our top 25 products of 2017

Groundbreaking bikes, streamlined suits and cutting-edge carbon.It’s been another year of visionary tri gear releases. Here we round up the top 25 from the 443 products we’ve tested this season

13. Hoka Clayton 2 


Hoka shot to the top of the Kona Shoe Count in 2017 for the first time and, with the latest Claytons, it’s easy to see why. Despite the huge platform and masses of support, they only weigh 240g and still beg you to run fast.

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14. Heart Sports Tri-Suit


Remarkably good, remarkably versatile and remarkably cheap, Brit brand Heart Sports continue to astound us with their small tri collection, with much of our love due to the Tri Suit’s floating pockets and full-length zipper.

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15. Lazer Wasp Air Tri TT


The Wasp is feature-packed, with various tail sizes, a heart-rate monitor and an inclination sensor – that beeps if you move out of the desired aero position – all available. There’s also superior cooling and comfort in the mix. Buy from

16. Orca RS1 Open Water


Two-piece wetsuits aren’t ubiquitous just yet but, as soon as the RS1 is slipped on, the massive comfort, movement and adjustable fit benefits become crystal clear. And they’re great for pre-race mobile toilet stops! 

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17. Fabric Tri Saddle


Only founded in 2014, Fabric have swiftly made their mark in the tri and cycling worlds. Their smartly-padded tri saddle features a central relief channel that drains water and has a separate hook for bike racking. Buy from


18 Castelli Idro 


When it comes to packable waterproofing, there’s little out there to match the Idro from Castelli. It’s an immense jacket that’s durable, stylish, light, water-resistant and, yes, also
very expensive. 

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19 Reap Bikes


It’s barely out of its prototype nappies and doesn’t even have a name yet, but the Reap triathlon bike’s combination of soothing comfort, searing speed and precise handling is irresistible. What’s more, it’s manufactured and designed in the UK, and offers customisable builds. Read our review here 

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20 Roka Phantom


The much-hyped Phantoms are worth every column inch, proving the value of a year’s worth of R&D. Incredibly lightweight, durable and impossible to dislodge once running, our only concerns are the price tag… and losing them. Buy from

21 Zoot Wikiwiki 


Tri pioneers Zoot continued to innovate in 2017 by delivering the thinnest arms – 0.5mm – ever seen in a tri wetsuit. The result is a hugely comfortable and unrestricted swim, and a formidable contender for experienced athletes.

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22 Orca 226 Race Suit


We’d want meatier pockets for going long, but the 226 is a flawless suit in terms of execution and comfort. It’s stylish, techy and durable, and now boasts a zip guard to make it quite possibly the best vested suit around. 

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23. Saucony Peregrine 6


Put simply, the Peregrine 6 were a revelation. Much of this is down to the razor-like and unbeatable grip, plus the deceptively light 266g weight. But there’s also impressive drainage and an exhilarating feel for the trails.

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24. Dassi Interceptor 


Okay, it costs 12 grand, but Dassi deserve credit for pushing the boundaries of bike design. Here they’ve infused a carbon frame with graphene to create an unbelievable ride and one that could prove hugely influential in the future.

Dassi's revolutionary graphene-induced Interceptor test ride

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25. Threo Eton Dorney


Another new release, another impressive garment from Brit women’s brand Threo. Here you get top-notch grippers, a high-tech pad and that brilliant popper-attached number belt. The design and cut is flattering, too.

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