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TomTom Runner3 GPS watch review

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TomTom’s gradually improved its range of GPS watches and it’s another evolutionary nudge with the Runner 3. The newest addition is Route Exploration, which tracks your run so you can navigate home more easily. You can also upload routes from platforms like MapMy Run via TomTom’s MySport app. It’s a nifty feature to enliven your run training, albeit this dual upload process is a touch cumbersome in this day and age. Heart rate is monitored via Mio’s optical sensor.

As we’ve reported before, Mio’s generally regarded as one of the more accurate wrist-measuring HRMs, though can be erratic when the intensity is cranked up. The Runner 3 retains the ability to stream music from your watch without being manacled to your phone. Again, you upload tracks via the MySport app, which links into your iTunes playlist and then Bluetooths the beats to TomTom’s wireless headphones. It’s also an activity tracker and is more ergonomic than the original incarnation. 

Verdict: Impressive amount of useful features from the GPS giants

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