SwimRadar app review
SwimRadar app review
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SwimRadar app review

Pinpoint the pools nearest you with this simple, effective app

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SwimRadar app review

The concept behind SwimRadar is a really simple one: map every location for swimming around the world.

Consequently, wherever you are, the app will display the latest pools, tell you pool length, whether it’s indoor or outdoor and show the location on a map. 

There’s even a button that’ll give you directions to the pool from your current location in Google Maps. Plus, if you ever come across a pool that’s not on the app, you can add it to the database for other users. 

While some might argue that it’s solving a problem that can already be easily solved by a quick Google, it makes the whole process easier for a small up-front fee.

Verdict: An app that makes finding a pool easy, even when you’re away from home, 80%


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