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The Sailfish Furious – recently approved by FINA – is a ‘speedsuit’ designed to be worn over your tri-suit in a non-wetsuit race. The idea behind the technology is that it helps you gain a speed advantage over the standard suit by trapping air, which increases your buoyancy and reduces drag through the water.

As with most ‘speedsuits’ on the market, the Furious utilises a super thin neoprene coating, with Yamamoto’s Super Composite Skin responsible for the Furious’ high levels of stretch. This suit is dynamically cut, providing a full range of motion during a swim, and it felt smooth and glided well both under and over the water.

As a result, we did see a drop in times. But the relevance of speedsuits to the UK remains an issue: the temperature of open-water tris usually demands a wetsuit; in pool tris, you’d have to weigh up the extra time slipping this off in T1 compared to wearing just a tri-suit.


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