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Craft Pro Zero

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The Craft Pro Zero range mimics classic thermal undergarments in both look and feel. The polyester used has a cotton-like finish, providing immediate comfort. The fit is also very accurate with a long tail and arms ready for the bike, and slight turtle neck to stop those cold breezes.

As a base layer the thermal properties work well and the fit ensures the heat is kept in, but it doesn’t perform as well as others in the moisture management stakes. The polyester wicks moisture proficiently when it is in direct contact with the skin.

However, the ‘brushed’ finish to the fabric tends to hold moisture when the garment isn’t compressed against the body, leaving parts of the garment feeling cold and clingy.

As a pure base layer, the Pro Zero performs well on comfort and insulation, even though it’s slightly let down by its moisture management. But for the price it’ll serve you well.


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