Speedo Biofuse Fin review
Speedo Biofuse Fin review
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Speedo Biofuse Fin review

Speedo Biofuse Fin tested and rated by our expert reviewer

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Speedo Biofuse Fin review

As a regular user of closed-heel training fins, we were intrigued to try Speedo’s Biofuse open-heeled offerings. From the off, they felt more natural to wear and less heavy and clunky than their closed-heel counterparts.

The fin itself, however, was less flexible than some, which created extra resistance in the water – a nod to Speedo’s marketing of the fin as having a “stiff blade”.

Yes, the added stiffness makes things harder and isn’t a quality you’ll love as you slog up and down the pool, but on the flipside it is advantageous in a training sense, as it allows you to produce a powerful kick and maintain race speeds with less effort.

After we’d worn them for about 25 minutes we experienced a hint of discomfort, and they did leave marks on our feet after we took them off, but it wasn’t enough to deter us from using them in our training going forward. They’re available in two colour options of grey/blue and grey/pink, and retail at a very reasonable £20. 

Verdict: Great option for those wanting a more natural-feeling fin, 86%


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