Lomo Webbed Finger Swimming Gloves review
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Lomo Webbed Finger Swimming Gloves review

Affordable and effective for increasing resistance in the water

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Lomo Webbed Finger Swimming Gloves review

At less than a tenner, these neoprene gloves from Scottish swim experts Lomo are cheaper than traditional plastic hand paddles and give you a similar level of resistance as you pull through the water.

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Your speed will probably average out about the same as without the gloves, as the extra speed from your stronger pull-through is cancelled out by the decreased cadence because each stroke is harder. 

Bear in mind that these are squarely aimed at increasing resistance more than honing technique – the shape of the glove forces you to web your fingers, so your hand will land quite flat on the surface of the water before you pull through. 

If you already have good hand entry into the water then this isn’t an issue, but if your technique needs fine-tuning then these may encourage your hands to enter the water at the wrong trajectory. 

Verdict: A cheap and simple way to up resistance in your swim workout, 84%


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