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Speedo Endurance Pulseback

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The Speedo Endurance Pulseback is a tried and tested favourite. Its resistance to chlorine is simply remarkable, and one of these suits could possibly last longer than your tri career.

It’s quick drying and fits well, although doesn’t have as much stretch as other suits of the same size, so trying before you buy might be wise.

It has a medium-cut leg and seems to keep its shape well. The Pulseback-style straps are supportive and give the suit more of a ‘racer’ feel.

There are no problems with straps causing rubbing or chafing, and the range of movement in the shoulders is in no way impeded, allowing for an ease of glide.

At £21.99 it’s hard to fault this suit. The only negative point being its slightly dull colour scheme; compared to similar suits on the market, this one looks a little ordinary. But if you’re not after a suit that screams ‘check me out’, then this could certainly be a good place to start.


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