Lomo Tri X neoprene swim gloves review
Lomo Tri X neoprene swim gloves review
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Lomo Tri X neoprene swim gloves review

Lomo’s Tri X neoprene swim gloves tested and rated by our expert reviewer

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Lomo Tri X neoprene swim gloves review

For anyone brave (daft?) enough to be venturing into very cold water for training, Glasgow-based Lomo has designed a pair of supple 3mm neoprene gloves specifically for open-water swimming.  

They feature waterproof seams and very tight cuffs that do a great job of keeping most of the water out and, as a result, do a very good job of keeping hands warm. However, the main issue with swimming in any gloves is that they take away your feel for the water and the Tri Xs can’t do anything to avoid that. 

The result is that you get a somewhat disconnected feeling during the catch and pull phases and reduced efficiency in the stroke overall.

We’re sure that, with time and practice, you could learn to adapt and, if the alternative is losing fingers to frost-bite, then they have a use. But it would have to be seriously freezing before we’d consider using them in the first place. 

Verdict: Good for very cold water, but they hinder technique, 70%


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