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Zoggs Predator Flex Polarized

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With the 2012 open-water season just around the corner, thoughts turn to aspects of lake and sea swimming that we don't have to deal with over the winter, such as temperature, navigation issues and glare. 

Sunlight can cause a problem, whether you're swimming directly into the sunrise or dealing with the glare of the midday sun. Polarised lenses – already much loved by skiers and snowboarders – help tackle the problem, and Zoggs has incorporated them into their hugely popular Predator Flex goggles. 

Choosing polarised lenses will give you the edge over you competitors, enabling you to see more clearly by filtering the harsh light bouncing off the water's surface. These goggles are comfortable and leak-free with UV filters, anti-fog and easily adjustable straps. They give great peripheral vision and use flexpoint technology to enhance fit and flexibility. They're ideally suited to open-water swimming and triathlon. 


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