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9 of the best pool goggles

A good pair of pool goggles are an essential part of a triathlete's kit. We review 9 of the best pool goggles

Head Tiger Mid Race


Another £5 would get you a mirrored pair of these low-profile goggles. Although clear wouldn’t be our personal choice (no glare reduction from fluorescent lights or the sun, plus mirrored just look, well, cooler) some people do prefer them, especially for training in a darkly-lit pool. These come in a good-quality plastic case and, compared to the 2XU, feel a more stylish offering, with a red and orange colour scheme. The curved lenses offer good visibility, although they’re quite low-profile and we did run into trouble with our eyelashes brushing the lenses when we blinked once they were adjusted tight enough to avoid leaking. They’re comfortable enough and adjustment on the double strap is via a single buckle. Like the Huub goggles, the strap is quite a round, thin one and, with no spares supplied, we do have durability concerns.

Verdict: Decent-looking goggle, but 2XU edge it on budget comfort 72%

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MP Xceed


These goggles are designed in collaboration with Michael Phelps for his swim range with Aqua Sphere. Much like the Speedos they’re a very bright blue, although these aren’t mirrored, which surprised us in a release from a pro swimmer (mirrored are available for a higher RRP). Pulling them on we instantly found a good seal, with the squarish shape comfy and soft against the face, much like the Swans. Three extra nose bridges are supplied and the double strap is thick and flat, while a single clasp takes care of adjustment. In our outdoor pool swims, that blue tint is a bit dazzling, but it comes into its own in dingier swimming pools where things are brightened up with good clarity of vision. These are also comfortable over longer swims, as well as being leak-free and with no fogging, and you get a quality plastic case.

Verdict: Provide clear vision and a bright tint with impressive comfort 87%

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Maru Pulsar


Coming in as the least expensive goggle on test this issue, there’s a lot to like about the Pulsars. First up, they look pretty cool with that neon green, silver and black, plus you get a tinted and mirrored lens with anti-fog coating. The nose bridge is flexible and two spares are supplied, plus you get a hard case. Overall the fit is secure, although the double straps are a little short when let out to fit over our hair, meaning after longer swims the goggles felt tight and left us with impressive goggle marks. The grey tint does a decent job of dulling bright pool lights and, although we did experience a little fogging, it didn’t impede our swim. The shape of the lenses does create some weird visual distortion in the water within our peripheral vision, however, but, as stated previously, that’s less important for the pool compared to swimming in the open water.

Verdict: Swimmers on a budget will appreciate the features, but the design isn’t our favourite 78%

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Any idea where the Aqua Sphere MP Xceed titanium are available from in the UK? Nice review! Cheers.


Very good reviews, I will definitely look back to this when I need to get a new pair of goggles, thanks for taking the time to do this!

Guy Ward

A pool goggles roundup without including speedsockets? Hmm...

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