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9 of the best pool goggles

A good pair of pool goggles are an essential part of a triathlete's kit. We review 9 of the best pool goggles

Speedo V-Class


With an RRP we’ve only previously seen on Zoggs’ reactive-lensed Predators and never on a pair of pool goggles, we were expecting a lot from the Speedos from the second we took them out of their (very fancy) box and plastic case. The largest goggles on test, they’re instantly very comfortable, with wide, soft gaskets and a flexible nose bridge.

Adjusting them is simple thanks to a buckle on each side and the single strap (which splits in the middle and is less fiddly to get in place than some of the thinner ones on test) stayed put throughout our sessions. We found a good seal with these and experienced no water ingress, although they did leave weird-looking goggle marks! Those light blue lenses give good clarity and a bright tone both under fluoro pool lights and in the sunlight in our lido swim sets, and peripheral vision is very good.

Verdict: Quality package with good visibility but very expensive for pool goggles 88%

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Swans Valkyrie 


Bagging a ‘Cutting Edge’ award in our 2018 test for the same goggle with MIT (mirror insertion technology), the Valkyrie is back again this year, yet in the slightly less-expensive version without the lens tech borrowed from ski goggles. Not that we’re going to penalise this model for that, as straight out of the hard plastic case these are instantly a stand-out goggle. There’s a very secure fit with no leaking and the ultra-soft gaskets fit like a dream. The curved lenses give a wide range of vision and the size is a neat halfway house between the tiny and bigger goggles on test – small enough to feel racy and hydrodynamic, but not so small they irritate the eye socket. That mirrored tint gives good clarity in bright pools, Swan’s anti-fog tech works perfectly and the double strap has a clever single ‘snap’ adjuster for added security and fit.

Verdict: Superb fit and clarity, stylish and very comfortable, plus not too expensive 93%

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2XU Rival


The Rival come in as the second-cheapest pair on test but, once out of their gigantic plastic box, they look and feel disappointing. We aren’t keen on the basic blue/clear design and clear goggles aren’t usually our first choice, with more pro-looking tinted and mirrored versions on test for not much more money.

But if you like clear lenses (they have their place for darker indoor pools or for those who don’t like tints), then these have some plus points. First there’s that bargain price point and, comparing them directly to the Head Tigers as the only two clear goggles on test, these feel more comfortable and sit less close to the eyes. We didn’t experience any fogging, but we did see a little water ingress when turning at the end of each length. The bridge is very flexible, while the double-strap is wide, sturdy and secured with a typical single buckle.

Verdict: Low price, but feel and look a bit cheap. We’d spend a few pounds more on the Zoggs 74%

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Any idea where the Aqua Sphere MP Xceed titanium are available from in the UK? Nice review! Cheers.


Very good reviews, I will definitely look back to this when I need to get a new pair of goggles, thanks for taking the time to do this!

Guy Ward

A pool goggles roundup without including speedsockets? Hmm...

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