Scott T2 Palani 2.0 running shoes review
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Scott T2 Palani 2.0 running shoes review

Okay ride, but doesn’t deliver exhilarating speed

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Scott T2 Palani 2.0 running shoes review

Scott’s better known for its cutting-edge bikes (thanks to aero guru Simon Smart) than its shoes and, sadly, that innovative feel is lacking in the Palanis.

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Visually, they’re a touch orthopaedic, with a gargantuan outsole, though the ‘aero foam’ composition means it’s 311g – not great for a racer, but lighter than it looks. 

Scott’s eRide tech in the sole has a gentle rocking shape that purports to promote a faster, more efficient run style. The ride’s okay, but not the exhilarating speed you’re after in the racing amphitheatre. 

Its Hawaii-inspired name, heel loop and drainage hole in the outsole highlight its multisport intentions, so it’s disappointing that it doesn’t come with tri laces. It also features a bulky loop on the tongue that, to us, is meaningless. 

Verdict: Okay for training and some good tri features, but doesn’t inspire race speed, 74%


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