3 of the best run headphones
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Run headphones: 3 of the best

Can't run without inspiring music ringing in your ears? Here are 3 of the best run headphones on the market

Under £50



Connect these wireless headphones to a smartphone, MP3 or other Bluetooth device and listen to music or audio coaching during your workouts. The stylish buds are designed to ensure they never fall out and to maximise sound output. And removable covers protect the buds from dust and rain. amazon.co.uk

Buy from www.amazon.co.uk

Under £100



Bone-conduction tech means you can listen to audio with Trekz Titanium wireless headphones and still hear ambient noise. Rather than relying on speakers on or in your ears, they transmit whatever your listening to through your skull.

Buy from www.evanscycles.com

Under £200



Jaybird’s wireless in-ear speakers stay plugged into your lugholes while you workout thanks to their built-in tips and fins. They’re sweat proof, water resistant, will pump out tunes or phone calls solidly for fours hours on a full charge and let you customise their sound through an accompanying app.

Buy from www.argos.co.uk


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