Timex Ironman One GPS+ multisport watch
Timex Ironman One GPS+ multisport watch
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First Look: Timex Ironman One GPS+ multisport watch

Part running watch, part smartphone, this new ‘wearable tech’ comes packing email, clever tracking capabilities and lots, lots more

The arms race for multisport watches continues apace, with this new smartwatch from Timex toting a list of features longer than Mr Tickle’s arm.

Features include email-based messaging, a ‘Find Me’ function that broadcasts the wearer’s location in case of emergency, the ability to track speed, distance and pace in real-time and send them wirelessly to online fitness services, 4GB of MP3 music storage (delivered wirelessly to Bluetooth headphones), and a high-res touchscreen to navigate it all.

Developed in conjunction with chip makers Qualcomm and US telecoms company AT&T, its makers Timex say it will allow users to remain connected during their multisport activities but leave their phones and music devices behind.

The bad news? It won’t be available to purchase in the UK until 2015, while US pricing will be $399.95. We’ll get it tested as soon as we get our mitts on one…

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