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Mio Link Heart Rate Wristband review

We find out if this strapless, screenless heart rate monitor suits data-loving triathletes

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Mio Link Heart Rate Wristband review 

Mio started off on Kickstarter with the Alpha, one of the very first strapless heart rate monitors. The Link goes a step further and does away with the screen as well.

Like models we’ve tested from Epson and TomTom, optical sensors shine light onto your skin, which detects ‘the pulsing volume of blood’ by colour change.

Optical heart rate monitor

The jury’s still out on the accuracy of the readings compared to chest-strap models, but what’s without doubt is the usefulness of the Mio Link for triathletes – which is: not much. 

The traditional LED display is eschewed in favour of a light that flashes a different colour depending on which zone you’re training in.  

For data-loving triathletes, that’s just too parochial and can be annoying. Yes, you can Bluetooth to fitness apps later on, but specific real-time feedback is the ideal. 

The Mio Alpha (down to £118) with traditional display would be a far wiser purchase. For our guide to 2014's best heart rate monitors head here.

Verdict: Too gimmicky for anyone serious about their training, 63%


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I read this review in the print copy of 220 and felt it missed the point of the Mio entirely.

The benefit of this piece of equipment is to get rid of the chest strap which I consider to be a pain. I'm not interested in having a readout - the Mio connects to my watch which displays the heart rate. No-one's going to use the Mio without an accompanying watch like the 910XT or 920XT. The Mio sends "specific real-time feedback" to the sports watch of your choice (Ant+ or Bluetooth).

The Mio is more convenient - how many times have you got dressed up in your winter cycling gear, only to find out that you've forgotten to put your chest strap on?

As for accuracy, I've found it to be on a par with a chest strap.

I think 220 should re-review this product.


Thanks for the feedback Cheeser, we'll pass these comments on to our tester

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