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Recovery kit: 5 tools to help you recover quicker from your workouts

Don’t let injury or DOMS stall your training! Here are five bits of kit that'll help you recover from tough workouts so you stay fresh and able to train strong during 2019

1. This recovery powder from Healthspan Elite Complete Vegan Protein (£24.99) offers the textbook 20g of protein per serving for enhanced recovery. It also contains a blend of amino acids and multi-vitamins. 

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2. The Suunto 3 Fitness (£199) offers a wealth of fitness tracking benefits, including sleep metrics, step counting and  calorie intake alongside its optimal HR measuring, GPS capabilities and water resistance.

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3. The Reboots One Recovery Boots (€799) offer targeted compression via the pulse recovery system. The aim is to reduce muscle soreness and hasten recovery times by enhancing the blood flow to the muscles and removing waste products.

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4. The Nuun Vitamins (£8.99) provide a host of active and natural vitamins and minerals, including stevia leaf extract, beetroot juice and sodium, to assist hydration and improve daily health. Flavours include Blueberry  Pomegranate and  Ginger Lemonade with caffeine.

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5. The Tiger Ball from Tiger Tail (£28) is designed to eliminate knots in your back, legs, shoulders and more. The ball slides up and down the rope to help you find the exact position of the ache and stays precisely where you want it.

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